BDR’s Self-Paced Courses Offer Training Opportunities to Support Contractors’ and Distributors’ Busy Schedules


The leading provider of business coaching and training for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical professionals announces the addition of easily accessible training opportunities to its industry-leading resource selection

SEATTLE — Oct. 17, 2023 —Business Development Resources (BDR), a trusted provider of business coaching and training services for the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries, introduces a new program of self-paced online training courses to help service professionals maximize business results and support teams with ongoing training options.  

“As our industry evolves, the pace of business continues to accelerate,” said Matt MacArthur, Sr. Vice President of Training & Marketing at BDR. “Training remains an essential tool, but many companies struggle to find time for ongoing in-depth sessions for their teams. Our self-paced online courses ensure even the fastest-growing companies can access solutions to guide them through today’s business landscape.”    

BDR’s initial self-paced course offerings for contractors and distributors include:  

  • 10 Steps to a Great Decision: This course outlines the key steps of the decision-making process and how to apply them to become a better decision-maker. 
  • A Proactive M&A Strategy for Distribution: This course will demonstrate how to develop a customized M&A strategy explicitly designed for your market. 
  • First Quarter Labor Management: This course focuses on proven labor management tactics distributors can use to help dealers drive revenue and reduce downtime. 
  • Leading Strategic Change: This course walks viewers through recognizing, preparing for, introducing, and cementing strategic changes in their business. 
  • Setting Personal Sales Goals: This course highlights crucial performance metrics every retail salesperson should track and explains how to frame and track those goals. 

The new self-paced course marketplace will continue to expand its training selection, with future content focused on leadership development, sales growth, marketing execution, introduction to cybersecurity and protecting your business, and more. 

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