Coaches Corner: 5 Tips for Coaching Your Sales Team to Success

Coaches corner

5 Tips for Coaching Your Sales Team to Success

Spring has sprung (wahoo!), and our busiest season is just around the corner. Based on industry data there are more systems to replace than ever before! So, it is time for spring training preparation.

One of the most dramatic ways to grow your residential business is by leveraging your sales force to Prime through effective sales leadership and management. The definition of Prime is the most flourishing, stage or state. 10 years ago, or more, a home solutions advisor selling a million dollars was a big deal. Now, with more accessories and higher efficient equipment to offer, it is not uncommon for Home Solutions Advisors to achieve $3 million+ in sales.

Here are some Spring training tips for owners, sales managers and home solutions advisors to achieve excellence beyond accepted norms: 

1. Meet with your sales team regularly to review goals

Track closing rate, average sale, and number of accessories. Ask your team how you as the owner or sales manager can help them to exceed their goals. These meetings are critical during our busy season. Reviewing goals, challenges, process, and procedures is especially important during our busiest times. Conduct weekly forecast meetings—review budget to actual and request feedback from the team on what they are doing to close jobs.  

2. Pricing has increased and it’s the perfect time to make sure we are including all our costs in your proposals

Are we including tax where appropriate? Tiered financing? Are direct loaded labor rates accurate/up to date? What is our Gross Profit Per Man Day needs and goals? 

3. Review/update financing options

More and more consumers are financing their heating and air conditioning purchases. Are we
offering “Good, Better, Best, Fantastic” (tiered) financing options on every proposal? If you have questions on tiered financing, please ask your coach to walk you through the financing calculator to determine the accurate rate/amount to build into every proposal. Do not give away gross profit dollars by offering a cash discount in lieu of financing. 

4. Are we following all steps in our marketing program?

I challenge you to review this step. Are we doing the fundamentals—yard signs, door hangers, happy calls? I recently reviewed a sales performance report with a home solutions advisor selling over 350,000 yearly in door hanger leads. Leveraged to Prime! 

5. Celebrate!

This is critical to building up your team. Send out company-wide announcements via text or e-mail each time the team reaches certain milestones. Gift cards go a long way; recognize service techs for the leads they provide, install teams for working on the weekends and the families of home solutions advisor(s) because of the extra time spent away during our busier times of year. Make it personal, a “thank you” or “job well done” goes a long way too. 

In a world where the customer is armed with unlimited access to information, having a well-trained, successful sales team is crucial. BDR’s Top Gun Sales Excellence workshops can help train your team to exceed the client’s expectations every time. Visit our Upcoming Events page for dates and locations.

John Michel

Head Coach