BDR expert offers strategies to develop lifetime customers


BDR expert offers strategies to develop lifetime customers and successfully build a contracting business at Seattle home service seminar

SEATTLE, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Business Development Resources (BDR), the top provider of business coaching and training for home service contractors, dealers and distributors, will offer information to help contractors weatherproof their business with residential maintenance contracts at an upcoming class in Seattle.

Jennifer Shooshanian, a senior service coach and service trainer at BDR, will lead Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients: Residential Maintenance on March 10-11.

“One of the biggest profit-killers in the contracting industry is underperforming residential maintenance programs,” Shooshanian said. “But a profitable maintenance agreement program helps you weatherproof your business, providing year-round work and revenue and protecting the company from the seasonal fluctuations of the home service industry.”

Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients will empower contractors to:

  • Create a profitable, high-value program that clients believe in.
  • Develop a long-term client base instead of one-time customers.
  • Build your lead bank.
  • Create a plan for training team members to convert customers to true maintenance clients. 
  • Implement efficient scheduling strategies that will maintain a high client retention rate and reduce overall labor costs.
  • Implement programs to maximize the profitability of the service department.
  • Develop renewal and payment strategies that will promote the growth of the program.
  • Learn how to grow and market your maintenance agreement program.
  • Develop your plan to increase the price of any underperforming agreements.
  • Overcome the emotional fear of losing customer based on price. 

“With Maximizing Profits Through Lifetime Clients, we give contractors and dealers something concrete that they can take back to work,” Shooshanian said. “The class delivers a clear, repeatable strategy for building a service department, selling agreements and adding technicians. We’ll help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.”

Shooshanian, the industry-leading authority in service, has been in the HVAC industry since 1991. Her classes offer strategies that will help dealers recognize the profit potential of a well-structured service department.

BDR hosts a limited number of Residential Maintenance Sales classes every year. For information about BDR’s other events, visit

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SOURCE: Business Development Resources (BDR)

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BDR expert offers strategies to develop lifetime customers