Why Installers Need Interaction Skills – Prime Resources Podcast

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What impact does communication have on your customer’s installation experience?

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, Shaun Weiss, BDR trainer and head coach, outlines why installers need interaction skills and how simple adjustments in communication can raise customer satisfaction and transform your business into the preferred choice in your market. The process starts from a customer’s first connection with a sales professional all the way through to their interactions with installers during the installation. Discover how to build a culture great communication and “promise keeping” that will set you apart from the competition.

Prime Resources Podcast – Why Installers Need Interaction Skills

  • (02:13) Defining the role of the Installer today
  • (06:43) A deeper look into the interpersonal skills an installer needs
  • (14:27)  Overcoming communication challenges
  • (16:31) The points of “interaction” on a typical install
  • (20:39) How to enhance the customer experience
  • (28:04) Building company culture for better communication
  • (31:26) Identifying the habits of a retail-based installer
  • (39:24) Developing appropriate responses to children and pets

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