Why Every Company Needs a Business Valuation

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Did you know that every company could use a business valuation – even if selling your company is not on your immediate radar?

Kevin Nott, BDR head coach and financial expert, explains how the valuation process works, when it should be performed, and why it’s beneficial. Is the HVAC industry a desirable one for potential buyers? Listen and find out!

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Why Every Company Needs a Business Valuation Time Stamps:

  • (02:49) – What is a business valuation?
  • (04:50) – Timeframe and points of a valuation
  • (09:44) – Why is a larger company attractive to a buyer?
  • (12:43) – Can you ballpark a valuation?
  • (18:40) – Professional business evaluators
  • (29:08) – Is the HVAC an attractive industry to buyers?
  • (36:48) – How can you prepare?

About Kevin Nott

Kevin Nott has been actively involved in the HVAC industry for 30+ years and has been a Profit Coach with BDR for over 12+ years. Kevin has extensive experience with both the residential and commercial markets and in service, maintenance, replacement, and new construction.  The companies he has managed ranged in size from just over $1 million to over $5 million in revenues.

Before joining BDR, Kevin had attended several BDR training courses and was impressed by the vision and practical approach to profit and growth that BDR was sharing.  He saw firsthand the many companies that were experiencing great success as a result of their involvement with BDR and was excited and honored to join the team. Kevin enjoys his role as a Profit Coach and gets great satisfaction from helping BDR clients create and achieve their business and personal goals.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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