Positive Customer Service Habits – Prime Resources Podcast

Business Valuation

Positive customer service can help you build lifetime customers, close more jobs, and generate more referrals. A failure in customer service can destroy relationships you’ve worked hard to build. In short, customer service plays a major role in your company’s success.

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, Catherine Bares, BDR coach, trainer, and customer service guru, shares her recommendations for customer service habits that you and your team can develop to enhance your company’s results.

Prime Resources Podcast – Positive Customer Service Habits:

  • (06:03) Why is customer service important?
  • (09:07) How do you drive customer-focused culture?
  • (12:21) Trust and verify
  • (14:23) Reviews and referrals
  • (17:45) Maintaining consistency in customer service
  • (23:16) Dealing with gaps in communication
  • (26:56) Key points in customer service
  • (31:21) Is customer service getting better or worse?
  • (42:54) Dealing with upset customers.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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