BDR Valuation Service Helps HVAC Contractors Maximize Sale Price


SEATTLE — Jan. 14, 2021 — Business Development Resources (BDR) the training authority for home services industry professionals, announces a Business Valuation Analysis service that equips HVAC contractors to maximize the value of their business and ensure financial security for themselves and their families.

BDR’s BVA answers this key question:  What is the financial trade-off of selling now vs. working on my business for a few more years?  The sale price difference to the business owner can easily be in the millions depending upon a host of key factors.

BVA applies the insight of BDR’s industry-leading training and business coaching programs in financial accounting, business-performance analytics and operational efficiency. The service arms contractors with valuation facts and supportable performance projections so they can make critical decisions about retirement, family legacies and opportunities to sell their business.

“For most contractors, selling their business is a major life event, but they don’t have the skills or experience to get the most out of the opportunity,” said Bruce Wiseman, president and owner of BDR. “Our Business Valuation Analysis helps them evaluate their company and take control of their future. The essential information and insight we deliver enhances their negotiating position and builds confidence so they can make the right decisions for immediate returns and long-term benefits.”

BVA relies on BDR’s HVAC industry-specific expertise to provide tools and guidance designed especially for contractors, including: 

  • Valuation: Determine what your HVAC business is worth today.
  • Valuation projections: Determine what your business could be worth over the next five years and identify key valuation drivers to get you there.
  • ROI projections: Formulate what potential buyers can expect from the first five years of investment. 
  • Business valuation consultation: A BDR expert will meet with you to ensure you understand your business valuation report; provide insight into your valuation-enhancing opportunities; and prepare for sales negotiations.

“Contractors need more than instincts and last year’s revenue numbers to ensure they get the most out of a sales opportunity,” Wiseman said. “You only get one chance to sell a company, but the long-term consequences will be enormous. Potential buyers will base their decisions on the data — don’t let them be more informed than you are.”

About BDR

BDR (Business Development Resources) is the premier provider of business training and coaching to HVAC contractors and distributors, established in 1998. BDR’s Profit Coach program has a membership of 600 leading contractors. Ten thousand HVAC professionals across North America attend BDR training courses annually. Nearly 1,000 industry professionals attend Profit Launch, BDR’s planning workshop. For more information, please visit

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