Overcoming Maintenance Pricing Fears

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One common industry challenge is how to price maintenance agreements. Many dealers don’t price maintenance to make a profit because they fear losing customers. Overcoming maintenance pricing fears is essential to the long-term success of your business.

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, Jennifer Shooshanian, BDR’s senior service coach and trainer, tackles those fears head-on. Jennifer has experience working with dozens of HVAC dealers across the country on their maintenance pricing. Learn why increasing your maintenance price is essential and how to do it without the fear of losing customers.

Overcoming Maintenance Pricing Fears Time Stamps:

  • (03:03) Typical fears relating to maintenance pricing
  • (05:46) Percentage of dealers not properly pricing maintenance
  • (07:23) The mental hurdle
  • (11:00) Value in service maintenance
  • (17:45) Other industries and maintenance
  • (23:57) Dealers pricing structures
  • (27:40) Tiered maintenance options
  • (31:03) “Membership” vs “Agreement”
  • (36:07) customer vs client relationships
  • (41:31) Benefits of a successful maintenance program

About Jennifer Shooshanian

With over three decades in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer Shooshanian is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in America. Since joining BDR, she has been instrumental in the co-development of the Service Training and Coaching programs. Jennifer has a proven track record of helping contractors transform their service department into a highly-prized, cash-flow-rich, profit center.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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