What Owners Need to Know About Bookkeepers

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In many contractor businesses, there can be a big disconnect between bookkeepers and the rest of the company – especially when it comes to information flow.

In this episode, Laura Irons Finley, BDR Financial Coach, unravels what owners need to know about bookkeepers. Laura utilizes her experience as a bookkeeper and combines it with her knowledge as a financial coach to outline how bookkeepers and owners can work better together to create a highly functioning financial team. Laura shares proven solutions she has used to help her clients overcome the common challenges in forging this critical relationship.

What Owners Need To Know About Bookkeepers Time Stamps:

  • (03:16) – Bridging gaps with Owners and Bookkeepers
  • (04:36) – Finding the right Bookkeeper
  • (08:49) – Bridging gaps in financials
  • (12:05) – Meeting schedules
  • (15:04) – What Bookkeepers expect from Owners
  • (17:16) – Actions to obtain information
  • (19:12) – Trainings for an entry level bookkeeper
  • (26:27) – Financial coaching is like physical therapy
  • (31:04) – Guidelines for transferring information
  • (34:33) – Benefits of a good Bookkeeper
  • (41:09) – What Owners need to know about Bookkeepers
  • (42:49) – Structure in your accounting team

About Laura Irons Finley

Laura Irons Finley spent two and a half years working in the HVAC industry promoted to Office Manager within six months of hire while also functioning as the company’s HR operator. She doubled the office staff while putting into place written processes and procedures to run the business more efficiently. Laura has a Bachelor’s Degree and a personal goal to help other businesses succeed by giving them the tools and understanding to see the pieces of daily work become a part of the bigger picture.

Having helped over 100+ companies since starting at BDR, Laura says, “As a financial coach, it is my primary focus to assist owners and their families to achieve great success in their businesses. I love the numbers; they always tell the truth.”

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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