Developing Leadership Skills

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Leadership can either make or break a company.

In this episode, Jeff Plant, BDR Head Coach & Leadership Trainer, explains that great leaders are not necessarily born but are developed.

By developing your leadership level and having a servant mentality, anyone can become a more successful leader. However, be prepared to buckle up as it is a continuous learning journey. Poor leadership in a company can lead to turnover and being stuck with low performers. Instead, take the tips Jeff has provided to be a leader that will help retain employees and help your company succeed!

Transform your leadership approach with BDR’s Lead the Way: Dynamic Leadership Skills training class and harness the art of effective leadership, unlock strategies for inspiring teams, and develop the skills to drive exceptional results, propelling your career and organization to new heights of success.

Developing Leadership Skills Time Stamps:

  • (05:14) – Are you born a leader?
  • (08:10) – Traits of great leaders
  • (10:15) – Servant attitude
  • (11:02) – Level 1: Positional leadership
  • (15:36) – Balance between leadership and management
  • (16:54) – Leadership vacuum
  • (22:58) – Business results from leadership
  • (27:02) – Raising your leadership lid
  • (31:47) – Jeff’s personal leadership challenges
  • (35:00) – Decision making

About Jeff Plant

Jeff Plant has 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry starting at the ground floor level and rising to Chief Operating Officer. He has always started at the bottom rung and worked his way up, quickly mastering a wide array of roles in installation, service, and building automation spanning the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Throughout his career, he has effectively been a business coach for his management staff to become more successful through team building, efficient process changes, procedure implementation, financial tracking, and implementing accountability through key performance metrics necessary for a successful business. He has continued to strengthen his business education as well as his technical knowledge and skills in the HVACR industry. He continues to “give back” to the industry by teaching others best practices and by participating in industry trade associations to raise the level of professionalism in our industry.

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