Developing Leadership Skills

Business Valuation

Leadership can either make or break a company. In this episode Jeff Plant, BDR Head Coach and Leadership Trainer, explains that great leaders are not necessarily born, but are developed. By developing your leadership level and having a servant mentality, anyone can become a more successful leader. However, be prepared to buckle up as it is a continuous learning journey. Poor leadership in a company can lead to turnover and being stuck with low performers. Instead, take the tips Jeff has provided to be a leader that will help retain employees and help your company succeed!

(05:14) Are you born a leader?, (08:10) Traits of great leaders, (10:15) Servant attitude, (11:02) Level 1: Positional leadership, (15:36) Balance between leadership and management, (16:54) Leadership vacuum, (22:58) Business results from leadership, (27:02) Raising your leadership lid, (31:47) Jeff’s personal leadership challenges, (35:00) Decision making