Identifying and Communicating Company Value

Business Valuation

In this episode, BDR’s Instructional Designer and Trainer Scott Tinder explains what makes up value in a customer’s mind and outlines how companies can communicate their value to the consumer. Scott provides tools to identify your company’s unique value points as well as tips to communicate them to consumers and team members. By educating the customer on the value your company provides, you will be positioned to generate more leads and experience higher levels of success and profit.

(03:48) Warren Buffet and value-based investing, (05:47) Communicating value, (09:54) Generic products & value, (14:01) How do Owners identify value?, (18:46) How do you communicate value?, (30:15) Advertising & marketing vs communicating value, (36:52) Financing touchpoints with consumers, (40:23) Third party collateral