How to Generate Employee Engagement

Business Valuation

Are your employees engaged in their work and your company’s future? Chris Koch, BDR Trainer and Head Coach, provides insight on the topic of how to generate employee engagement. What is employee engagement and how do you identify it? How do you encourage engagement in your employees and build a company culture? How do you make tough decisions when someone is not engaged or is not a cultural fit? Chris tackles these subjects and more.

(02:25) What is employee engagement?, (03:25) How can you tell your employee is engaged?, (07:57) Recognizing an engaged person, (09:10) Identifying engaged technicians, (14:00) Owner’s and Manager’s roles, (15:30) Connecting with new employees (in-person or remote), (17:30) Team meetings, (20:23) How to connect with your employees, (22:24) Making tough decisions, (26:45) Company culture, (29:57) Engagement examples