How Training Can Optimize Performance of a Parts Counter Team

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In this special episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, BDR Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer Mike Cunningham discusses the need for parts counter training, the challenges distributors face, and what an optimized parts team looks like.

Listen and discover the three things you and your team can work on for an optimized performance!

Find out more information about BDR’s Counter Intelligence: HVAC 101 for the Counter training workshop.

Time Stamps

  • (00:41) – About Mike and his industry background
  • (02:14) – What drives the need for parts counter training in today’s climate?
  • (04:00) – Are distributors training new hires properly or are they feeling challenged?
  • (06:18) – What would an optimized parts counter team look like?
  • (08:45) – What about the sales aspect of an optimized parts counter team?
  • (09:51) – What are three areas that distributors need to train their parts team on for optimized performance?
  • (15:12) – What BDR solutions are available for parts counter training?
  • (21:10) – Final thoughts

About Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham is the Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer for BDR and has over three decades of experience in HVAC, with roles in distribution sales and territory management. As a territory manager, he was known for increasing his distribution sales by 50%-75%.

Mike leads training classes focused on maximizing results as well as guiding distributors in building training journeys for their customers. Some of his classes include Territory Manager and Counter Team training.

Contact Information
(206) 870-1880
Time Zone: MT

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