A Distributor’s Proactive Approach to Team Development

Learn more about how the team at Gensco leveraged BDR Training for their ongoing sales team development, all while building better relationships with their dealers!

Our biggest win at Gensco with BDR Training has been the investment in our own team that sharpens their skills and knowledge of the industry, so they can go into the field and help as many customers as possible.”

Ken Morgan, Regional Equipment Sales Manager

“What were your business challenges before BDR Training?”

My name is Ken Morgan, and I am the regional equipment sales manager for Gensco. We utilize BDR Training for our on-site business training in a few locations and for our own internal training. 

Our role is to meet with dealers and contractors in their offices. They are predominantly small businesses, and they all encounter very similar problems. 

They might be business problems that are outside of our wheelhouse, so having a resource like BDR Training to help guide us through those problems and find solutions with those customers is really valuable.

“How has your distribution business grown?”

We work with BDR Training on a program at Gensco called the ‘Dealer Growth Program’. There are about 15 dealers that participate in that program per year.

We see an increase of about 30% in that dealer’s purchases within our company, and they develop long-term relationships. That is a pattern that we see year over year with those customers. 

A better-performing contractor or dealer allows Gensco to sell not only more but also higher-end products. The benefit to the customer is making more profit and a better ongoing relationship.

“Sales team development on how to be better partners with dealers.”

Internally, we have begun growing a culture of training and consistent improvement. A lot of it starts with identifying those indicators of somebody needing help. 

Sometimes you can’t wait for somebody to ask. You have to see the problem developing in front of you. BDR Training has done a lot of hands-on training directly with our sales team.

This training ensures that they are up to speed, know what to look for, and how to offer suggestions. When somebody does need direct help and assistance, we are ready to get them that help. 

The nice thing about BDR Training is that they are constantly refreshing their content. As the industry evolves, they are keeping up with that while also thinking forward to what comes next.

Was working with BDR Training worth the investment?

Of course, BDR Training has been worth the investment. I would not be where I am in my career without it. I am sure most people at Gensco and the dealers that we have worked with would say the same thing. 

They are always willing to help and are quick to respond. They have been doing this for a long time, and you can trust them. 

Would you recommend BDR Training?

I would 100% recommend BDR Training for large, mid-size, or even small companies. There is always somebody coming up through the ranks in a large company that should get exposed to this early on.

It’s a good way to see if they want to take the next step within your organization, be that champion of a new department, or to take over for somebody who is retiring. 

For a company that is small or new, you have the benefit of starting out with this framework and not making the mistakes of larger companies.

Hands down, this is the best investment that you will make in your company.

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