Launching a Shared Services Model for Your Company

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In this episode of the Prime Resources podcast, BDR Lead Head Coach John Michel dives into the intricacies of launching a shared services model in your company. We’ll explore the concept of a shared services model, shedding light on its meaning and the numerous benefits it can bring to your organization.

What exactly is a shared services model? We’ll demystify this term, breaking down what it entails, and navigate through the landscape of the benefits of embracing a shared services model.

John also shares how this model can revolutionize the way your company operates. Considering the decision to expand into shared services is a pivotal step, and we address key considerations before taking this leap. We explore readiness indicators and when a company should apply the shared services model.

Our conversation goes deeper into the practicalities of implementation – from the importance of having a solid business plan to developing expertise in a new service area.

No journey is without its challenges, and we identify the pitfalls to avoid when adopting a shared services model. By drawing on industry insights and experiences, we offer guidance on mitigating risks and optimizing the advantages of this transformative business approach.

Join us on the Prime Resources podcast as we navigate the complexities of launching a shared services model and provide an overview for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth.

Launching a Shared Services Model for Your Company Time Stamps

  • (01:07) – What do we mean when we say a shared services model?
  • (03:20) – What are the benefits of a shared services model?
  • (05:45) – At what point does a company start thinking about applying the shared services model?
  • (08:52) – Should a business plan be in place before expanding your company?
  • (13:20) – What pitfalls need to be avoided?
  • (16:31) – Final thoughts

About John Michel

John Michel built a highly successful career in the HVAC, Energy Services, Plumbing, and related contracting fields, with extensive experience in both the Residential and Commercial markets. In all of John’s roles, he was heavily involved in developing corporate organizational structure, including people, processes, and other resources necessary to drive personal and company success. He understands the relationship between sales growth and the organizational structure required to effectively support and manage growth… while maximizing profitability.

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