BDR Announces New Program Helping Small Businesses Build the Foundation to Scale Their Company 


The premier business training and coaching provider for the HVAC industry introduces its Emerging Business Academy program to guide motivated small business owners toward sustainable growth and increased profitability in 2024 

SEATTLE — Dec. 5, 2023 — Business Development Resources (BDR), the training and business coaching authority for home services industry professionals, introduces its Emerging Business Academy, a streamlined version of its flagship coaching program tailored to the unique needs of growing small businesses.  

BDR’s Emerging Business Academy, designed for businesses with four people or fewer, guides motivated owners to put specific foundational systems and processes into place to reach revenues of $1 million and beyond.  

“With our Emerging Business Academy, the goal is to introduce small business owners to the process of structuring their business to grow and be successful long-term,” said Kim Archer, President of BDR. “For over 20 years, our Profit Coach program has provided insights to help owners shift from a tactical role to a strategic one. We’re taking that same proven system and customizing it specifically for smaller businesses looking to take their first steps in driving profit and growth.”  

Emerging Business Academy’s year-long series of 48 weekly sessions starts on Jan. 17. Each 60-minute session features 30-40 minutes of instruction followed by 20-30 minutes of discussion and follow-up. As the sessions progress, participants discover BDR’s core best practices and work with their coach to construct a business plan supporting increased profitability and growth to scale.  

Participants in Emerging Business Academy build a foundation for their company to succeed and grow through insights of million-dollar business owners, focusing on actionable steps in areas such as:  

  • Proper pricing and job-costing 
  • Sales and estimation practices 
  • Building effective marketing programs 
  • The power of accessories and maintenance agreements 
  • Timely billing and collections 
  • Successfully managing and leveraging your team 
  • Delegation and performance accountability 

Along with the weekly live sessions, the Emerging Business Academy also includes access to BDR’s industry-leading training program, with the ability to choose four different 3-Hour Power-Up courses throughout the year. 

“BDR has worked with thousands of contractors over the last 25 years, and our Profit Coach program has helped business owners across the country go from the $1 million wall to $50 million and beyond,” said Bruce Wiseman, CEO and founder of BDR. “With BDR’s Emerging Business Academy, we now have the full range of resources available to support contractors at every level in building a successful and profitable home service business.” 

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