Labor Management: Retail Focus is back! Come maximize your existing labor team!


Labor Management: Retail Focus teaches attendees the opportunity cost of a lost labor hour, as well as how to leverage their existing crews into the most productive and efficient revenue and referral generating team possible.

“This class was excellent. Barry truly relates everything presented in a way that matters to us and sold the importance of implementing topics that were taught. I’m leaving this class with a tablet full of notes and things to do better. Great start, endless ideas for us to implement which we will start doing immediately.”

After completing this course, you will have the knowledge you need to become the chosen company to work for in town, attracting the best Installers as employees.

You will also learn the “soft skills” your Installation team needs to ensure satisfied customers and generate valuable referral leads as they complete high quality installations.

This class is registered for 16 CEH’s!

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