Planning BDR’s Annual Conference, SPARK, With Bruce Wiseman & Kim Archer

HVAC Chats Recorded at the January BDR Conference, SPARK - bruce wiseman and kim archer

The latest HVAC Chats podcast comes to you from BDR’s annual SPARK conference in Savannah, GA. 

In this podcast, Terry McIver interviews BDR CEO and Co-founder Bruce Wiseman and President Kim Archer to learn about BDR’s origins as a leading contractor support group, how they find their many coaches and trainers, and a word about SPARK 2025, being held at a great location in the United States.


Terry McIver is the editor-in-chief of Contracting Business magazine and director of content for HVAC Chats offers insight by guest HVAC contractors into business management challenges that our heating and air conditioning audience can relate to, based on their daily experiences in the office or in the field.

Listen to the podcast featuring BDR co-founder & CEO Bruce Wiseman and President Kim Archer on HVAC Chats!

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