Get Out of the Weeds & Act Like an Owner With Adrianne Woodrum

Blue Collar Culture pod - Adriane Woodrum

Most business owners don’t know how to read financial statements and only rely on their bookkeepers to do everything. Owner involvement must start from the top if you want to run a well-oiled business. Do not only focus on the bottom line and let others take care of the nitty gritty without proper supervision. This means you have to sit down with your bookkeepers and understand your P&Ls throughout.

Join Jeremy Macliver and Ryan Englin in this conversation with Adriane Woodrum, a Lead Accounting Coach at BDR. Listen in as they talk about bank reconciliation and the ideal bookkeeping process. Learn how you can get involved full-time as an owner in the financial side of your business. Don’t leave your bookkeepers hanging and secure a smooth cash flow within your operations.

About Blue Collar Culture

Blue Collar Culture is for industries with frontline, hourly employees and for high-results-focused environments like manufacturing, IT, and construction, among other trades. It is a rallying cry for home services and startups, for those who believe in culture, want it, and are willing to work for it but who feel lost or frustrated right now. A healthy culture is more than possible in your company. It’s actually happening with Blue Collar Culture.

Listen to the Blue Collar Culture podcast with BDR Lead Accounting Coach Adriane Woodrum!

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