What It’s like to Be the Second Generation in a Family Business

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, Luke Schar, General Manager of Schar Heating & Cooling Inc., sits down to discuss carrying on a family legacy, gaining his employees’ trust, challenges and goals, and the company’s growth opportunity.

Join us in discovering what it’s like to be the second generation in a family business!

Time Stamps

  • (00:59) – About Schar Heating & Cooling
  • (01:39) – How did you first get involved in HVAC?
  • (02:44) – When did the family business begin and what is the founder’s current role?
  • (03:40) – Did you always want to be a part of the family business and are other family members involved?
  • (06:33) – What are your company’s biggest challenges and what does Schar Heating do really well?
  • (08:33) – Is it difficult to find people who fit your company culture?
  • (10:42) – What are the challenges in the transition of taking over the family business?
  • (12:39) – What are you doing to earn your employees’ trust?
  • (14:34) – What have you learned from your dad that has helped you in business?
  • (17:49) – As your role expands, are there things you’d like to change about the business?
  • (20:36) – Do you have an endgame?
  • (24:16) – Where do you see the company in the next five years?
  • (26:17) – What is the timeline for you to fully take over the business and what do you see your father’s role being?
  • (28:09) – What’s your vision for yourself?
  • (29:14) – Final thoughts

About Luke Schar

Luke started his HVAC journey with Schar Heating & Cooling in 2018. He has a Bachelor’s degree in organizational supervision and an Associate’s degree in business management. Luke enjoys spending time with his family, cycling, sailing, and being outside in his free time.

Company Information

Schar Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Contact Information

(330) 419-8174
Time Zone: EST

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