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Marketing for your Service Department

Marketing for Your Service Department: Don’t wait, build a brand today

“Many HVAC companies have marketing plans and advertise their services using direct mail, phone directories, online positioning, television, and radio ads. Marketing involves identifying the intended market demographics, and placing the message (or brand) of the company in such a position to intersect with the prospect at the time service is required.

But if you wait until your need for service calls is upon you and hope the advertising piece you’ve quickly cobbled together will arrive at just the right time, to just the right prospect that just happens to need you right now, your chances are not very good they’ll contact you over any other HVAC company that comes up in their Google search!

However, if you focus your ongoing efforts on building a brand and reputation that stays connected to the market you will find your service team in a more natural position of being the obvious choice to call. The following marketing tactics are proven and effective so make sure they are part of your marketing mix too.

  • Dynamic online presence (discussed below)
  • Building quality reviews (discussed below)
  • Social media buzz (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Email campaigns (Constant Contact)
  • Outbound survey calls
  • Newsletters
  • Yard signs
  • Community involvement

The first step is to review your current online presence because it takes time to make revisions. Then, ask your coach to assist in developing a plan including these tactics. They can help you create or review your procedure to ensure quality reviews. Remember, quality reviews go hand in hand with your online presence. Outbound survey calls are also critical to developing and maintaining good client relationships. 

Building a brand is a process that requires consistent focus and attention. It’s hard work, but worth it to acquire quality leads that develop into on-going clients who help you grow your business now and into the future.”

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