4th BDR trainer becomes ACCA-certified in duct design

Certified Trainers

Michael Hunter is BDR’s newest ACCA-certified duct design trainer. Michael recently completed ACCA’s Residential HVAC In-Person Certificate Program. He joins Mike Maynard, Dave Consulo, and Shaun Weiss as BDR trainers with this 5-year certification from ACCA. Team members are pictured Left to Right as mentioned above.

BDR incorporates strategies for saving time and labor through proper duct design in its various classes including one that specifically looks at duct design from a profit viewpoint: Duct Design for Profit & Efficiency.

At this class, attendees will learn how to correctly design a residential duct system using ACCA’s Manual D to save money and labor. BDR will be offering this class through BDR University in the month of August.

Join us to learn how to improve profits, save time & install better jobs through proper duct design. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Learn more: Seattle on August 15-16, 2017

Learn more: Atlanta on August 29-30, 2017

Reasons to attend Duct Design for Profit & Efficiency

  • Differentiate from the competition & own your market
  • Increase comfort and efficiency
  • Increase sales by adding value
  • Leverage high value equipment, increasing GPMD
  • Overcome price objections – increase average sell price
  • Reduce noise and operating costs
  • Reduce labor costs – install more jobs with same crew
  • Reduce warranty costs and customer complaints
  • Take pride in doing the job right