Dealers Learn How to Build Long-Term Value in Their Business in Atlanta and Phoenix


Have you ever looked at your company from a buyer’s perspective? Students at BDR’s Building a Company with Great Value (BCGV) class, held last week in both Atlanta and Phoenix, learned to view their business from a buyer’s perspective as they discovered the options for selling their company. What an eye opener that was!

“The discussions around the ways to buy, sell, and finance were pretty awesome. The valuation information was also very helpful. I would recommend this class to anyone even if they think they are not in selling mode, mainly so they have a clue as to what to do if something comes their way to buy,” Donna Kimble at AA Air Company remarked. 

Attendees built a plan to grow the long-term value of their company by building a solid structure, assembling a loyal team, and achieving financial success to ultimately position themselves for a great future; whether they decide to sell or keep their business. 

“Thank you for your class. Another benefit for our industry! Well laid out. I encourage Owners to take this class long before considering selling or buying,” said Julie Howard from Howard Air.

The classroom format allowed attendees to work together and brainstorm toward their common goal. By networking with other business owners, students could see that they are not alone. Many dealers are facing these same challenges. Students left with the knowledge and tools to build long term value and plan for the eventual sale of their business. Watch for the next class in 2018 and build value!