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A & L Heating and Air

Carol Jamerson

I am from the agriculture industry. I have been a service manager and service office manager. I learned so much including so many eye-opening strategies.

The “D4D” and 8 for 10 are tools that every service department should utilize. All of the instructors are professional and very knowledgeable.

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AA Air Company

Donna Kimble

Learned to get out of way of employees; 30 - 32 new customers per month;  Growing Service Maintenance Program;  Really appreciate BDR and Tammy Vasquez! 

Watch what Donna Kimble has to say about her experience.


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Advantage Air

Troy Jones

Tough year in 2014 due to weather; Implemented a Service Maintenance Program; Customers accepted it well (better than me) and Maintenance biz is up; We are planning to buy the property we currently rent and build a facility for our business; Wahoo!!!

Watch what Troy Jones has to say about his experience.


Troy Jones - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Advent Air Conditioning

Mike Douglas

Residential Contracting Business of the Year 2014, Contracting Business Magazine; With BDR help, management style went from finding out what our employees are doing and stop them...to putting a plan together and helping them. My managers run the business now and just provide guidance and motivational speaking.

Watch what Mike Douglas has to say about his experience.

Mike Douglas - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Air Care

Malissa Sandoval

Michael has provided me with the tools I need to successfully run my company. I will be enrolling in many more BDR classes in the near future. Thank you Michael and the whole BDR family!

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Air Flo Heating Co.

Joel Berson

BDR Wahoo - Great Numbers; Growth; Operating Expenses

Watch what Joel Berson has to say about his experience.



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Air Pro Air Conditioning & Heating

Barry Granger

Commercial New Construction & Service and Residential Install & Service; Highest Revenue in company history

Watch what Barry Granger has to say about his experience.


Barry Granger - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Albany Air

Angie Giles

The class was more informative than expected. A lot of info in 3 days but very well organized. Our company has a long way to go with implementing electronics & GPS and getting away from manual paperwork.

Thanks to the instructor for explaining thoroughly the guidelines for maintenance.

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American Contracting

Ty Hankins

"I was expecting a technical class, but ended up feeling like this class was much more educational and informative than I was expecting. In fact I wish I had taken this class 20 years ago. This information would have changed my career. Thank you!"

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Andre LaConsay

LaConsay Heating & Air

Pre-Wall class is a class that we have asked for, for years.  Would recommend this class to every small business owner in this business. After this class we will be changing the way we input info in QuickBooks to show the true picture.

Thanks Mike!

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Andrew D.

Home Performance Matters

My biggest regret in business is that I did not attend this training sooner.

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Anthony R. Davis

Pioneer Refrigeration Inc.
"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and the rest of the Profit Coach team. As you know I was previously a client of the Airtime 500 organization which I was led to believe offered the same benefits as BDR. After 6 months of membership in their program I was completely dissatisfied and felt as if I was taken advantage of with their outrageous entry fee and monthly fees as well.
After that experience, needless to say, I was more then a little skeptical when investigating BDR. I am happy to report that although these are very trying times and my business has not yet turned the corner to success and profitability I feel very comfortable that the process is working, and more importantly I realize that with BDR there were no promises in the beginning that were strictly designed to promote a euphoric feeling to allow easy access to my money.
I feel like everything that BDR promised me is being lived up to, you and the rest of the team work very hard to guide us toward profitability and my telephone conversations with you have always left me feeling as if you had a vested interest in Pioneer Refrigeration Inc. and want to see it succeed. Again thank you for all of the hard work from my self and everyone else here, Barry is very fortunate to have people like you, Jenn, and April on his staff, it's no wonder he has been so successful."
Anthony R. Davis - President
Pioneer Refrigeration Inc.
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B & C Mechanical Services

Rob Brown

Able to leave the business and it runs smoothly for me, which Im thrilled about; Exciting for Year 2015; Appreciate BDR and what they have done last 4-5 years.

Watch what Rob Brown has to say about his experience.


Rob Brown - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Ben's Heating

Clyde and Pam

Thank you for your guidance and willingness to share your experience and expertise. I am so grateful that our paths crossed when they did. It’s because of having a plan to follow and being willing to change that has made a huge difference in our company. In the past four years, my team and I have doubled our revenue and our purchases of Bryant equipment. My team and I attend every BDR class that Airefco offers. During Profit Launch, we were asked to write a check on something that is very important to us that would motivate us to implement our Profit Launch business plan. When we first started attending BDR classes, I had taken very few vacations (if any) with my family.  We are now able to go on a family vacation!


check croppedRV

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Bill Ward


I wanted to share with you how much your company has meant to one of my dealers in your program and myself. I was able to accompany the dealer to Profit Launch 2016.

After the meeting we returned and had monthly meetings with their profit coach and I was able to see a complete change in my dealers focus because of a great business plan. As you state so eloquently my dealer is now my client and because of this I have refocused all of my communications with all of my dealers to my clients.

The dealer has now climbed over wall 3 in record time and I have reaped the benefits of increased sales of over 400,000 with them and complete territorial growth of 1.5 million enabling me to win the Carrier president's award in 2015 and I am on my way to winning again in 2016.

I just recently attended Profit Launch 2017 with another client, they are excited about the future and so am I.

Thanks for all you do BDR you do it right!

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Bridger Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Brain Gertiser

2014 was a phenomenal year for Sales & Profit; Bought a new facility and remodeled it.

Watch what Brian Gertiser has to say about his experience.



Brian Gertiser - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Bryan McClure

Doran Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating

Excellent class, very good instructor, invaluable information. Classes like this in our field are few and far between. Would definitely attend again and invite as many as possible to attend as well.

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Bryan's United Air Conditioning

Catherine Bares

BDR helped us look for opportunity. December 2013 is our Biggest Wahoo! BDR has helped by building our people and now we have 105 new customers per month. We’ve asked a technically great "cancer" to leave the business - big win!

Watch what Catherine Bares has to say about her experience.



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Bryant Air Conditioning and Heating

Ed Warholoski

Dave Consulo is awesome! He connects with the crew and gets them engaged in thoughtful discussion. I would say this class opened the eyes of our installers to the importance of their work, the perceptions of the customers, and the financial impacts both positive or negative.

If you're looking to bridge the gap between installers and sales, get your install crew motivated to be the very best they can be, and get everybody working toward the same goals, then you should highly consider Dave Consulo and Top Gun training.

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Carolina Air, Inc.

Sarah Hulbert

I loved zoning our technicians, conflict resolution, prescheduling, turning customer to a client, and 8 for 10.

I have learned so many helpful tools to begin driving revenue for our company. I have a refreshed outlook on customer service, and handling difficult customers.

Please continue to “Rock it!” Wahoo!

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Joseph Pence

Wonderful class that I can take what I learned back to my territory and relate to my dealers. Who doesn’t like a class that is going to make myself and dealers a lot of money?

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Mike Gillmore

The class was an exceptional experience. The presenter was well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject and made sure each topic was understood prior to moving on. Came away with information and procedures that will advance my customers immediately. I am looking forward to attending more of their presentations and will be encouraging my dealers to do the same.

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Donald Dixon

Since the day I started I have been told to ‘upsell’ or ‘get off the area of price’ as we are not the lowest price. It is only at this training where someone has taken the time to show me the path with upselling and value add over ‘dropping price.’ Thank you for training me to be a better Territory Manager.

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Howard Hunt

With 20+ years in the HVAC industry I’ve been through more than a few trainings. If you want to understand how and why some of your dealers succeed and some don’t. This training class will bring all that to light. This was the best class I’ve ever been to.

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Mark Vogel

This week at TMU I can honestly say that I’ve learned more in 4 days than I had in 16 months! Scott was practical in this approach & made a very analytic (boring) subject sexy! I feel that I am armed with enough to crush it back home! He kicked ass!!

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Gary Close

You will learn what you don’t know about your dealers business. You will be exhausted, but it is a satisfying exhaustion, like a runner’s high. Great stuff!

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Patrick Chapman

In a world full of ideas with no strategy, BDR is a breath of fresh air. This class provided practical solutions with a step by step implementation plan to immediately apply when you get home.

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Champion Comfort Experts

Ritchie Holt

Profit Coach for 9 years with Dave McDuffee; WAHOOS - turn around Service Department - Revenue is up 30%; Gross Profit is up 20%; Had $100,000 in revenue in one month; Service up and great; In business for 10-years and starting construction on a new facility; Thank BDR for helping usto make money and have a great facility and having nice things.

Watch what Ritchie Holt has to say about his experience.


Ritchie Holt - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Chapman Heating & Air

Jeff Chapman

33-year business; Started it with 40% replacement, 30% Service, 20% Plumbing and 10% Commercial. Had a brush with BDR in early 2000's - didn’t get it… In 2006, I realized that I wasted about 10-years of my life - bumping along, did all the wrong things, and chased new construction. My Wahoo is that I rededicated and dedicated myself. Finally became a business man and BDR helped me with that. Gave me new energy, because I have installed enough furnaces and run enough service calls, but to be able to hire talent and build a management team and building culture has been a lot of fun... suddenly, it’s financially rewarding too. That's my WAHOO!!!

Watch what Jeff Chapman has to say about his experience.

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Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning

Ryan Neal

I was just blown away by the class in Seattle. We were able to retain and utilze a lot of the info we learned. Since we have returned, we have instilled the majority of the processes. We started using the estimate sheets, which helped us to start properly pricing our agreements. We have also started using the proposal template with our own information inserted. I have had numerous comments on the professionalism of the proposals. I have been working through our warm leads and am getting ready to look into the hoovers.com site to start developing a cold lead suspect pool. I am very thankful for you guys putting on the class and very thankful for my employer for sending me there. I always look forward to my next BDR training class.

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Charcool Heating & Cooling

Charles Grimes

I took over a family owned business 12-years ago doing Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Last year we wrote our first business plan at Profit Launch in Year 2013. My coach Gary helped us set some goals that I thought were unachievable, but we are on target so far. Another Wahoo is our financials were a mess and my financial coach helped us organize them and I can see where our money is going now and I know where to work on our business now.

Watch what Charles Grimes has to say about his experience.

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Christian "Bob" Frankford

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Very informative and knowledgeable. Will help me greatly improve my client service and Dave has offered excellent advice in dealing with upset clients and educating them in a friendly way on what will be done in their home. This class will help me for the rest of my carrier, Thank you Dave.

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Cinthia Valdovinos

MRV Service Air Heating & Air Conditioning

I have attended many types of course of Profit & Growth, but I have never taken in as much information as I have in this seminar. Great, knowledgeable instructor that keeps you interested throughout the entire training. I am definitely looking forward to attending more in the future, and referring colleagues. I am very excited to implement ideas and strategies to my business and watch it grow.

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Climate Control Heating and Cooling

"I want to thank you for providing the opportunity to participate with BDR. I have been around the industry for 21 years and every year it seems like it more of the same stuff and less money at the end of the month.
After sitting through the OSP class with Barry in KC last April, I finally decided enough was enough and I was going to make a change and we jumped in with both feet into the fire, taking on Opportunity Manager and the Profit Coaching Program at the same time. We have also attended Dispatch University, OSP (for second time), Running profitable service department and Profit Launch. We are scheduled for just several other classes this coming Spring as well.
Ian came in and helped to implement the Opportunity Manager and helped us get off to a running start, he has been very helpful and knowledgeable with the program.
Working with Gary Heath our profit coach has been very helpful. Gary has taken the time to help me better understand the numbers and get a better handle on the day to day processes. The monthly calls and accountability program has been wonderful. We have worked though several items since. Whenever there is an issue I can always count on Gary to have an answer or find out something helpful. Rachel Millington has been working with Melanie (Accounting) and we have finally gotten our numbers in line so we are able to have accurate reports per department. Thank you Gary and Rachel.
We have also taken advantage of the service coach on-site visit and had Angela Coombs come to our office. Angela did an awesome job of getting in and knuckling down on my service manager and myself. She has worked very hard (patiently) with Bud (Service Manager) and Glenda (Dispatcher) since, to get the 8/10 report up and going along with several other processes along the way. With the monthly call and several email conversations she has been able to help Glenda work out the details and better understand the reporting. Our drive time has been cut by an average of 8 minutes per tech and our average ticket has seen improvement overall until September. (With reporting we were able to determine what was happening with average tickets and have implemented changes that have made instant impact in that area.) We now hold weekly opportunity discussions per Angela's recommendation. Prior to her visit we had just lost two technicians and were looking to add two more to fill their vacancy. Angela ask us to hold off and work on implementing the 8/10 and other ideas she had brought to the table. We are now generating as much revenue with the 5 techs as we had been with the 7 prior to her arrival. WAHOO. We are making great strides towards our service department not only being profitable but also looking forward to the day that service will cover our overhead. (I thought Barry was full of sh*t when he said it could be done.)We're getting there!! Another Big WAHOO. Who says a service department is a necessary evil?
Profit Launch was a very exciting time for me. I hadn't really taken the time to lay out a business plan on paper relying on the SWAG theory (sophisticated wild a** guess) we were just plain lucky to keep growing (not always profitably). Now after the week in Seattle I have very clear vision for our team and have been working hard to share that vision and garner support from the ranks. My management team is on board and each department has raised the bar to another level. The commitment has been renewed and we will be a 15 million dollar company in the next 3 to 5 years. I'll definitely be back at profit launch in 09.
Basically I wanted to take the time to thank the BDR Team. It would be remiss of me if I didn't also mention the support staff in Seattle, they have done an awesome job as well and I appreciate the long hours they put in during Profit Launch and how they handle normal everyday business. I'm proud to be a part of the BDR team and looking forward to a very profitable partnership."
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Comfort Master's Heating & Air Conditioning

Faye Brown

Revenue up 20% with help through Marketing Strategy and Tammy Vasquez women's network; had $50,000 in Revenue in the month of August from renewals of maintenance.

Watch what Faye Brown has to say about her experience.


Faye Brown - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Comfort Products

John Preston

Even with 25+ years’ experience in the HVAC industry the TMU / BDR class is by far the pinnacle of training for every TM and professional contractor. I would strongly suggest it should be the standard for anyone going into business. This is the road map every contractor dreams and desires from their business efforts and is laid out so no person can fail. This is worth more than the first 100 sales I’ve ever achieved when I was a contractor.

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Comfort Products

Steve Miller

This was excellent! This training is worth several million dollars in revenue. The training and information will be extremely valuable to my customers, territory, and career! I would not hesitate to recommend this training to my customers or peers. I am very grateful for the privilege of being here for this training.

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Craig Meek

Arise Services

Attended Structural Sales – Part 1 and started using the information and ideas immediately. Service Technicians for referrals: Had service technician go to a house with a 14-year-old system. I went to go do a sales call on Tuesday. Sold a 16 SEER 2 Stage Infinity H.P. with a variable speed Infinity fan coil and Infinity Controller on Wednesday morning. No pressure sales, only explaining why unit needed replacement (Svc. Tech) and the value and savings a high-end system will do for customer.

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CW Suter Services

Jim Toben

I was very pleased with the Top Gun Technician Training Class. The class was packed full of no nonsense ideas and procedures that will make the company I work for stand out against any other company in our area. Dave really knows how to connect with service technicians.

The ideas and procedures learned in this training are invaluable. I would recommend this training to anyone in the HVAC business.

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David Cheek & Chris Baxter

Synergy Home

What David & Chris as Installation Manager and Lead Installer got from this class is it starts with don’t sell yourself short. This class touched on that the HVAC business is driven by referrals. So, with learning more on referrals and customer value that there is so much room for a company to have a healthy growth with a family oriented mind set. They covered how time management affects your profit margin in a long way.

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Deeck Mechanical Heating & Cooling

Gary Deeck

Been in business for 18-years and we are 80% Residential and 20% Commercial in a very rural market. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for BDR’s training classes. My second year on Profit Coach and attending Profit Launch- All the bills are paid and we have money in the bank and it hasn't always been that way. We should be at or near double-digit net profit in Year 2014. We’ve accomplished a lot when you look back at our list. As far as an exit plan, I want to be a coach some day, because you only work 1 hour every other week.

Watch what Gary Deeck has to say about his experience.

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Desert Suns Heating & Cooling

Shawn Kukowski

2014 was a tough year, down 34% in sales . BDR provided knowledge and guidance, we reduced overhead by $7,000 per month. Service covered Overhead for one month, generating a 32% net profit will carry us through a lot of leaner months we are enduring. Wahoo!

Watch what Shawn Kukowski has to say about his experience.

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Dick Hill and Son Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

Angie Lacy

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and information at Service Dispatch University. Since I have returned home, we have implemented lots of things from class. I downloaded the workbook you were showing me for the 8 for 10 and use it daily. I love it! The D4D is going great. We are doing maintenance agreements in the rain. My poor Techs don't like it but aren't complaining, and they still bring me chocolates! I have switched from 2-hour window scheduling to morning or afternoon. I am in the process of hiring an assistant. And last but not least, I have my map hung in my office and all zones changed in our system to match the map! I have been very busy. I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know all of your hard work pays off! Thank you so much!


map on wall


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Dino Nuccio

Nuccio's Heating

Instructor taught with great enthusiasm and passion. Was extremely knowledgeable in the industry and with the materials he presented. Did not stray too much from his presentation which allowed him to get more content across. I feel I got my full value from this class.

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Dora Gaona & Gail Munson

Discount Heating & Air LLC

Found many key points that are beneficial to us. Learned several new approaches that we will be implementing in our business. We would highly recommend all HVAC companies attend this class. The instructor, Dave Consulo, was great and very informative.

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Drew Celis-Iupeli

Aloha Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Aloha! BDR is the TRUTH! I just completed my 3rd BDR class today in Phoenix, Az. The instructors Scott and Matt were awesome. This was my 2nd class taught by Scott, he’s the man! This guy is the real deal, and BDR will alway be our go to company we can depend on for help with our business as we continue to grow. If your an HVAC buisness looking to compete and grow in your market, it is a must that you attend a BDR class. I promise that you won't be disappointed. BDR is not cheap, but in the end it will cost you more money running your company inefficiently than having BDR step in and show you how to create a culture in your company that drives success, profitability, and most importantly, influencing your employees to come to work everyday and taking pride in doing work that matters. The knowledge and skills that BDR will provide you with in a matter of a few classes, will take you years of experience and hardship to learn. Avoid the years of stress and GET INTO A BDR CLASS TODAY! Great leaders make great decisions, call BDR.



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DuctTesters, Inc.

Dave Hegarty

None-HVAC company- Incorporated in Year 2006 to 38 people in 11 years. We are all about having the right people on the bus. Every year I put a new goal down and Tammy Vasquez and BDR help me hit my goal. WAHOO!

Watch what Dave Hegarty has to say about his experience.

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Duff Branin

Universal Mechanical Service Co, Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the Building a Company with Great Value class we just attended. Timing is everything!! 

When you sent this to me, I had been thinking in the back of my head what my exit strategy might look like in the next few years, and I thought I had a pretty good plan… WOW!  I realized that I have a bit more work to do and will someday have an exit plan that is a WIN/WIN for everyone!

During this class I started to realize all of the Training and Business Planning that our Universal Mechanical Service Team has been doing with the BDR Profit Coach Teams the last 20 years. It occurred to me that there are many connections with our continued BDR Classes, Annual Business Planning with Bruce, Monthly Profit Coach with Jennifer, and just how valuable the past training has added to our business.  In fact, I realized, we not only survived the last 30 years and made a good living, but were pretty darn good at what we do!! We could not have done this without the relentlessness of Barry and Bruce and the whole BDR team to make these achievements come true!!

Your selection of the coarse leader Mike Maynard, sure is a great choice! Mike gave several real life scenarios, because he’s been in the battle, sold a business and understands what it is like from an owner’s point of view. And Mike’s just a genuine likable guy!!

For anyone that has done “Business Planning” with the BDR team, they must realize how important that it is to PLAN AHEAD!! Even if we are 10 years out from the Exit Point, this is just another part of the journey to insure that someday we may have a great Exit Strategy!! It is much more FUN and easier to sleep at night, when we plan ahead and pretty much predict the outcomes of our journey.

All of this collectively will lead to a successful journey and create a much more detailed and better exit plan.

Thanks again!!

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Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

Ken Christiansen

Bought a property and will be building a new facility; Went to the bank and got a letter-of-intent in one day and got the approval the next - WAHOO

Watch what Ken Christensen has to say about his experience.


Ken Christensen - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Ellis Air Systems

Mason Ellis

Since my first class with Barry and BDR, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my company. Sales have increased a ten fold and we have become the fastest growing HVAC/R company in Texas! Wahoo! Our BDR inspired sales process smashes our competition and the business continues to steam roll! Thanks BDR!

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Environmental Controls & Service, Inc.

Jon Sattazahn

Business started in 1988; Daily meetings with Service Techs resulted in Accessory sales growing every year and our call backs are down 75% from last year; Turned Service into a cash business; New goal in Year 2015 is $1mm in Install Sales

Watch what Jon Sattazahn has to say about his experience.

Jon Sattazahn - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Frank's Heating & Refrigeration

Frank Ormande

Our county has taken quite a slump due to the economy and dealing with unlicensed contractors and we maintained our profit; We are very diversified and will do anything that generates an invoice and that is how you survive in my county; Thanks to BDR support has kept our heads up through this whole mess and that is why we are still here. WAHOO!!

Watch what Frank Ormande has to say about his experience.


Frank Ormonde - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Gal Melili

GLM Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Thank you for a great class and hands on information.

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Gardner Company, Inc.

Dirk Gardner

Year 2013 Goal - be able to take a two-week vacation and come back to a standing business with working crews and no fires, worry free

Watch what Dirk Gardner has to say about his experience.


Dirk Gardner - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Gary Smith

Habegger Corporation

The BDR classes are the best. The dealers that attend are implementing and growing profitably. My personal income grew by $40,000 in 2016 and I owe that to BDR. Thank you for helping my dealers grow.

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Matt Patton

Since bringing on and training our Residential General Manager and Residential Service Manager from outside the ownership group, I have tried to make "my company vision" our "company vision." For years, I have struggled with goal setting with my managers who always seem to agree with my stated goals and benchmarks, but leave me disappointed with the implementation.

Profit Launch was the perfect format for identifying and benchmarking our goals and making "the business plan" "our business plan."

I would recommend Profit Launch to anyone wanting to get their management team on the same road to growth and prosperity.

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Glenn-Aire LLC

Jeff McKenzie

10-year Coaching client - 40% sales growth in Year 2014. My son Matt, the Comfort Consultant will do $1mm in sales. We will have the company paid off next year. BDR is business partner where you don't have to share 1/2 the profit - helped me a lot!

Watch what Jeff McKenzie has to say about his experience.

BDR Approval

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Guillermo Lemus

Velasco Air Heating & Cooling

The information provided by Michael was very helpful. He was very knowledgeable. Best coaching class by far.

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Gunnar Jonsson

Robert Madden Industries

I have two specific dealers that have consistently attended the BDR training classes and both are selling the highest end equipment of all my dealers and have also consistently grown year after year.

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H.A. Lewis Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

Dan Lewis

We achieved a 30% net profit in Service in one month in 2014; We doubled our ESA's in last year and our goal is to double it again in Year 2015; We see what is possible through the networking opportunity at Profit Launch and it has encouraged us to believe in our ability to attain our goals.

Watch what Dan Lewis has to say about his experience.


Dan Lewis - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Habegger Corp - Indianapolis

Steve White

BDR has provided me with the confidence to go out and speak intelligently with dealers about their business plans and implementation strategies. Specifically, BEC, annualization, and GPMD have opened my eyes to the potential my territory has to explode with growth over the next several years.

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Haley Comfort Systems

Tom Haley

After Top Gun Technician Excellence our techs came back and started selling accessories immediately. We had been trying to work with them for months to offer accessories with zero success. We aren't sure what the difference in the message was from Dave at class but it worked. We sold so many surge protectors and UV lights in the first week that we ran our Distributor out of product. In a 3 week period we had 4 guys that sold about 45 surge protectors and 50 UV lights. The spiffs we paid out to the top performers averaged $1500 every 2 weeks. We are seeing great results from the training.

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Heath Willingham

Doran Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating

Very informative, not a boring class that you wish was over quick. Plenty of knowledge and tools to apply in the field daily.

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Heath Winkelman

Winkelman Heating & AC - dba Grizzle

My name is Heath Winkelman from Winkelman Heating and Air, and I recently attended the class you gave in Lubbock on Top Gun Technician Excellence.

I first want to thank you on the awesome presentation you gave, and the platform you taught everyone in the room to build on. The idea of not only being a technician but allowing the customer to make their home more comfortable or more safe was an amazing eye opener to me.

When I started this profession I was only thinking of fixing the problem and moving to my next call. However, after attending the class I have sold two service agreements and a couple add-ons. The process of giving the customer options about their home comfort system has really helped me excel as a service technician but also being more profitable to my company as a service technician.

So in total Dave, I would like to give a huge thank you for allowing me to opportunity to hear your expertise and open my eyes to becoming a better service technician and being more helpful to the customer and to my company. You have forever changed my life.

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Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

Jerred Holtzople

During the Top Gun Installer Excellence training, it was a little strange for everyone being in the same class together. It took time for everyone to open up. But, once day two rolled around, we started getting a lot more input from the installers. We got a few things implemented right away. We had the installers and salespeople talk together about what the salespeople could do on their notes and checklists to make the installer’s job easier. We were able to tweak that list quickly and get buy in from everyone as to why! This one was huge.

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Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

Jerred Holtzople

In our Top Gun Technician Excellence training, we were able to implement a lot of new things. We had started a tiered maintenance agreement earlier in the year. We got a lot of feedback from technicians as to how we could add benefits to the tiers to make it easier to sell. The technicians have really been working hard since to sell agreements. They understand now why more agreements = more technicians and a longer on call rotation!

We did a great value building exercise on accessories as well. We had technicians and salespeople work together and role play. They worked back and forth “selling each other” on accessories.

We have started working on service call procedures as well for all the different things we work on. This will take time, but we have gotten the ball rolling!

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Howard Air

Kevin Howard

Year 2014 was a WAHOO - Retro Sales have been great with great growth hitting $10 million in the division. Average sale is $7,900 with a 67% closing ratio. Our RNC will make money this year - looking forward for Year 2015 to be profitable in all departments and get into a brand new state-of-the-art facility. WAHOO!

Watch what Kevin Howard has to say about his experience.

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Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning

Kevin Kuntz

Been to 10 Profit Launches. I bought the business 7 years ago and have been increasing in revenue about 10% each year. Big WAHOO is the business has processes & procedures and when I leave for 2 weeks, I get a small number of emails and the company runs smoothly without me being there.

Watch what Kevin Kuntz has to say about his experience.

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Innovative Air Solutions

Mindy McKee

Not being from this industry but being in sales, this is the best 2 days of training I have seen.

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Jackie Fronczak

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

As a dispatcher, I felt this class gave me knowledge on understanding a lot more from a technician’s perspective. Dave was a great teacher.

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James Price

Air Tech Heating

Best thing that my dad and I did to make our working relationship 100% better. I know what he wants and he knows what I am trying to accomplish. We also became more aware of what my wife's real job is and how much she does on a daily basis.

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Jeremy Tran

All Phase, Inc.

More Training, Exceptional values, priceless. You plant the seed for us to make money.

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Jerred Holtzople

Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

This was the second time we hosted this class with Dave. Our guys and inside office staff got even more out of the class this time.

We had thirteen techs join us from outside companies as well. Everyone who attended was very pleased. Dave is a great instructor and very thorough.

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Jim Holden

All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave, I just wanted to pass along a fun fact. We have now been on the BDR program for two and a half years and our service department accessory / enhancement program has exceeded our best previous years in gross dollars total!!! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and effort in helping with the unbelievable turn around we have made in our service department.

Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Jim Morlan

Dave's Services

All of the BDR classes have been great. I am sitting here at lunch of day 2 in the Structural Sales class Part 2 and I came to a realization. With the quantity of implementable information I received this morning, I could leave right now and the class would have more than paid for itself.

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Jim Price

Air Tech Heating

The major reason we won this award is because of BDR's coaching and mentoring. We would never be standing here accepting this award without their help.

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Jim Wiehl

RSP Heating & Cooling

It’s amazing with the recession and everything you hear on TV, some of the worst economic times since the great depression and here I am flourishing having some of the best years I had in my life and it is al due to BDR.

At first my business ran me, it was very frustrating not having any time with my family; my daughter and my wife never saw me. One of the reasons I got into Profit Coach was the fact that I didn’t have answers, know where to go or what to do. I started business pretty much for financial freedom. I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul, get this job done so I can pay that one. That was one of the frustrating parts, not knowing what to do.

When I got involved with BDR one of the things that happened immediately was the fact that my revenue dramatically changed to double quadruple and the best part of that was that I could get answers… I could call somebody. The nice thing about having someone there is that when you’re making decisions you can have support, someone that can help you make the decision, but not necessarily make it for you. That is really neat because you get to learn from it, you’re the one doing it.

From there to now my profit is up 160%, I have money in the bank, my bills are paid, I don’t have to worry about payroll and the vendors are paid. The nice thing about this is that I am sleeping, that is a phenomenal feeling.

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JK Mechanical

Ronda Chaney

We increased gross profit by 5% and drove more net profit dollars to the bottom line in the service department in a year when revenue was constricted due to unseasonably comfortable temperatures. The increased profit is largely due to an increas ein efficiencies as a result of implementing strategies through BDR's Service PRofit Coach Program.

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John Haug

Woods Comfort Systems

I am a service technician that has 4-years experience. This is the second BDR Top Gun Excellence training I have been to, but this class involved our entire company and departments rather than a few technicians. It was so amazing going through this program all together to discuss ideas and go over each other’s departments function and customer interaction and discuss ideas that will help each other out.

We discovered so much valuable information and beneficial steps that lead to better customer interactions and interdepartmental communication, our sales, marketing and lead generation / retention. This program has empowered me personally to take on a more interactive role and brainstorm with fellow co-workers / management to implement some creative and constructive changes to make our company go from great to best.

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Johnson Heating & Air

Donnie Johnson

Been in business for 14 total years, last 5 years as our own business. We are primarily Residential & Service with some Commercial. This is our 3rd year at Profit Launch and with Profit Coach. Our 1st year was the worst, couldn't understand why BDR wasn't coming to Union City. They gave me the tools and we finally started using them to build a business. When we started we had 1 installer, 1 service truck, and my wife and me. In 3 years we have 5 trucks and it just keeps growing. Last year we made money and with BDR's help we have people to run the company while we are in Seattle building a business plan and my son is getting business knowledge to take over the business as we retire. Wahoo BDR!

Watch what Donnie Johnson has to say about his experience.

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Johnstone Supply

Bill Hanke

Top Gun for service techs is a must for all service departments. I’ve attended Top Gun 3 times and I’ve seen it help many contractors increase efficiencies, convert customers to clients, increase employee retention, increase service department profitability, and ultimately increase a company’s net profit. I recommend this training for everyone!

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Johnstone Supply

Bill Gillen

I learned how to properly calculate profit margin instead of using old school ways, and how to not discount the company.

After first attending New Path to Profit, we were able to decrease time enough to add two calls per dat to almost all technicians.

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Johnstone Supply

Mike Life

I started going to BDR classes in 2002 and have attended 18 different classes over the years. With that being said, even attending all those classes, I still learn something new in every class.

The main thing in every class is not trying to implement everything at once. Pick a couple and focus on those. Then celebrate the win and move on to the next one.

Over the years, the things I've learned at BDR classes have truly changed my life and helped me become the successful business person I am today!

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Johnstone Supply

Al Logue

I am an electrician starting an electrical service department in an HVAC company. I know a little about HVAC, and am learning more every day with the help of our excellent staff. The informaion I have gathered here was eye opening and a little intimidating. I am looking forward to working with the tools given to find a successful path to our new endeavor. I have no business traning at all but this information I'm sure will give me what I need to be successful! I've very excited to get started!

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Jonathan Chapman

Jack's Refrigeration

Prior to attending your class at the end of October, Javier’s only good months for sales were July / August ($96,946 / $86, 624) our busiest time of the year here in central California. His closing ratio for the year at that time was 31%. His worst moth of the year was March, with at total sales of $18,645.

Upon returning from the class, his November sales were $77,000 with a closing ratio of 48%. The big WAHOO is December. December sales were $103, 449 with a closing ratio of 37%. To put this into perspective, we started tracking his sales at the beginning of March. His total sales March – December $647, 028 with an average closing ratio of 33%. In addition, his average sales went from $7,290.30 to $7,437.10.

Thank you!!!

The first week of January sales $29,539 with closing ratio of 38%. Average sale $9,846.33.

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Joseph Hoskins

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Class has been great, I’m very grateful for this opportunity as I have fallen out of my grove recently. I think Lakeside will obviously benefit and can tell management is already interested in implementing new procedures and policies.

I’m walking away with more knowledge than I can write here.

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Josh Bigelow

Great Dane Heating & Air Conditioning

After coming to BDR classes for several years and finding a Wholesaler that would provide us with surge protectors, we started offering them. Our Technicians didn’t want to “sell” anything. After we added a spiff to the product, we sold 258 surge protectors in just 3 months.

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Kalins Indoor Comfort

Bruce Kalin

This is our 4th year in Profit Launch. This is the first year we have really used our planning, and it works! We have completed about 90% of our plan and things are going well.

Watch what Bruce Kalin has to say about his experience.


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Katie Ferguson

Sun City Mechanical

In October 2016, I participated in the Foundations BDR class. afterward, I was so excited to start implementing new processes for our company.

One of the first things we did was revise our maintenance plan. We now offer a two-tiered plan and have seen major success. In January & February 2016 we brought in $8,850 from new maintenance customers and renewals. In January & February 2017 in brought in $23,640.94! Just by using the new maintenance brochure provided and increasing our price, we almost triple our revenue.

Also, as a company, we’ve seen a 32% increase from Jan.-Mar. 2016 to Jan.-Mar. 2017. Using BDR pricing techniques has been so beneficial for us! We are finally pricing jobs the way they need to be priced and having great results!

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Kendall County Air

Steve Driskill

Hi Bruce,

I want to let you know that, once again, BDR is very well represented by Dave Consulo. What an amazing job that he did with our onsite Top Gun Class. Dave has a great way of dealing with everyone in the room. I had our entire company in the class and so he was dealing not only with techs and installers, but with admin types as well, and he made everyone feel part of the group and better educated about what we all need to do as a team to reach our goals. Dave is to be commended for what he was able to do for us.

I believe that this was one of the best “Team Building” events that we have ever experienced in our company. The shared admiration and affection from department to department was amazing!

Steve Driskill
Kendall County Air

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Knueve & Sons, Inc.

Dan Knueve

Watch what Dan Knueve has to say about his experience!




Dan Knueve - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Kyle Smail

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Very impressed with the class, I cannot wait to use the valuable information out in the field. Dave has more than enough experience and it shows while teaching the class.

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Lance Evans & Rylan Easter

Cascade Mechanical

Came to class with a lack of confidence in presenting, maintenance, leads and system accessories. By going through this class, ¾ of the way through we feel much more confident in presenting options that are beneficial to the customer, company and ourselves. We now know the value of saving 10 minutes and what that does for the company’s revenue. Overall, this class magnifies that profitability and efficiency run hand in hand. We will now look at the industries field in a different way rather than just technical. Would highly suggest owners, dispatchers and technicians take these types of classes.

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Leif Hoganson

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Dave was awesome explaining and directing the Top Gun Information. Very easy to understand and to implement in real world application.

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Lisa Schroth

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

I like being part of this class as a dispatcher. It definitely made me more aware of possible problems technicians could run into that I never considered before. It gave me a better appreciation for the technicians and ways we can help them be more successful. Lots of great ideas – we need to follow through and implement properly. These technicians are great – this class was great.

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Lohmiller & Co

Johnny English

As a newer Territory Manager this course has given me a more focused plan to grow my accounts and my territory. The tools provided will allow for organized implementation and tracking of various segments of my customer business and profitability. I haven’t realized how much opportunity is out there until I took this course.

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Lohmiller & Co

Tom Vasselli

BDR provides the most professional business training that I have ever attended. Their classes provided me with a concrete plan to make my dealers more profitable. I would recommend BDR to any Territory Manager that is looking to grow their territory. Thank you Scott Tinder!

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Luis M. Valdovinos

MRV Service Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Greatest use of my time in a while. Our instructor Michael took time to explain and ensure we grasped every concept. I will implement many concepts taught in these courses.

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Mark Nimmer

Nimmer Heating & A/C

BDR has been the key to changing our business and our personal life. We are coaching clients for life.

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Mark Stout

Stout Heating & A/C

I just attended BDR’s new class “Building a Company with Great Value.”  The presentation, content, tools & resources were first class.  I have a clear vision of how to substantially increase the value of my business and have a focused action list of what I want to implement.


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McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Al D'Andrea

Good evening, Kim. I met you during the January 27th Profit Launch meeting and wanted to let you know what a great experience we had at Profit Launch and during the following week when Kasey Stanley, our financial coach, visited our office for a week of intensive financial coaching.

Kasey's week with us was nothing short of "transformational" for McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning. Kasey worked patiently with all of our team members and was most generous with her time, experience and expertise. She truly helped us move our business forward on a host of financial and operational fronts.

Our coaching team -- Michael Hunter and Kasey Stanley -- and everyone else I have met from BDR have been amazing.

Thank you.



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Michael Toms

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

I found most useful the different ways to present options to the customer. The way it was explained on the slides the differences between having options vs. not having recommended service options, when explaining to customers, making a large difference in potential profits. As a new Technician to the field, this class was a large help!

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Mike Breidenbach

Design Air, Inc.

Top Gun Installer Excellence shows how all departments are tied together and depend on each other to perform the perfect job. Dave shares experiences and real-life examples to show how important each person is to the company. Powerful class for all installers and solution advisors.

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Mike Cross

Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling

Great experience all the way around, Tammy was great. In three days we did a 4 tier MTC program – priced it and implemented it, it was big! A lot of this stuff we are good at, we need help in Service, so we spent time there and it was great. We lost $40K in service last year, but on track to break even this year – what a huge change! Thank you!

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Mike Geddings

Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Good Morning and Wahoo!

As I reflect on 2016 and the last 4 years as a BDR client, I am amazed at the results and accomplishments we have seen.  While we are still working to be better, I am pleased to say we have grown our top line revenue one million dollars since year end 2012 – representing a four-year growth rate of 53%.  What is most exciting is that our net income increased by 7% in this same time.

Probably the biggest WAHOO is that debt on the balance sheet has been reduced significantly over the past 4 years, $130,000 in total.

I could not have done this without my Head Coach Gary Heath and the support of BDR.  I consider Gary to be a vital part of my team and I respect his wisdom and guidance.  I'm sure you recognize what a valuable asset he is to BDR but I wanted to say it to both of you.  I could not ask for a better advisor.

Final kudo's for Barry's Labor Management class we attended this year in Atlanta.  This is probably the ONE class that had the most impact on our business in 2016.  We are much better at staging jobs and having trucks rolling by 7:30 am!  WAHOO!!

I am excited about 2017 and beyond with BDR.  Please keep up the great work!

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Mike Rossi

Carrier Enterprise Mid-South

This was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It was down to earth, easy to understand for dealers. A dealer can only make money if he or she follows these methods. This is a must attend for any dealer that wants to grow into a class organization. Again, great class and great trainers.

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Mike Weiss

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Felt Dave was very honest. Dave coming from a mechanical background. Made me feel like he was qualified to speak to a room of technicians. Felt like he was highly qualified for his field.

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Mingledorffs - Mississippi

Jay Sipes

Great class! Having attended a couple of BDR classes in my short time as a TM I was excited about this class before arrival. Man, was I blown away! This class really helped me understand and put together a variety of tools into one cohesive movement. I kind of feel like this was the best week of TMU – but that is unfair to say – so I will say this was a great way to culminate the entire program! WAHOO! Scott did a fantastic job and so did his support team.

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Modern Air Solutions

Stacey Leonardi

Service Dispatch University gave me another view on how we can improve our internal processes – by cutting time and additional ideas to increase customer retention. This is a great class for those starting out in the field and those who have been in the business for years.

Refreshing our knowledge and offering new ideas. Great class

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Monthie Mechanical

Kim M. Monthie - CEO
Dear Barry:
As I sit here reviewing my November Financials, I am forced to reflect back to May of this year.  That is when Jeff and I attended your Labor Management Class in Detroit.
I recall the level of fear and trepidation felt by everyone in attendance due to the state of the economy, the continued slump in the new housing market, the change in leadership in the White House and the general state of affairs in the world.  We all paid close attention in that class and there was an unspoken commitment to implement the practices you preached as never before. This class was not vender sponsored so the atmosphere was more open and less formal.  I particularly appreciated the opportunity to visit with you in small groups during the evenings where we could talk specifics and look for solutions. 
Upon our return, we went about implementing as much as we could humanly put in place.  Jeff took over Production Management (having let the previous manager go) while I de-hired our general ledger accountant, taking back those tasks, including payroll.  This put me closer to "the numbers management".  We began tracking cash flow daily and stayed on top of our receivables.  We added 2 service technicians, re-vamped our maintenance program to a monthly installment and eliminated overtime charges. 
With that done, we went into a summer that was record breaking.  Unfortunately, the records broken were for summer months where the temperature never reached 90 degrees.  It hasn't happened in over 100 years.  Then, just to add insult to injury, winter did not arrive until this week.  November was in the 60's and December has been in the 50's.  We have watched one by one as our competitors have had to close their doors, some of them 30 and 40 year old companies.
We structured our marketing plan around tax incentives and manufacturer rebates.  We looked under every rock for ways to cut overhead, negotiating every contract, changing suppliers and bidding out all services.
We are truly blessed.  I am looking at a 10% increase in sales over 2008 with Jamie selling over $1.5 million to date.  Remember when we needed you to tell him he could sell a million.  Commercial sales are way down and we have decided to eliminate all but replacement work as it comes to us.  Service is only down by 2% but it is more profitable as I did not have the same levels of overtime (by adding the 2 technicians).  My combined Loaded Labor % is just under 12%, my overhead is at 28.7% (under 30% for the first time ever) and I have double digit net profits of 10%. My line of credit is paid off and we were able to bonus our people for tomorrow's Christmas Party.
Our "boots" as I call our revenue generators have suffered a shortage of hours due to the weather and even our sales pattern.  Although residential sales have been up, we have actually sold about the same number of jobs, the big difference being that we have had two install crews all year.  The technicians are the ones who have been suffering all fall.  They have manned the phone lines mining for gold in our customer files generating tune-ups and planned maintenance sales and I am glad the phone has started ringing again. For them tension is running high going into the winter months and we will continue to look for ways to generate demand service.  So all is not perfect, but it is good.
It is actually so much better than I could have imagined back in May.  You gave us not only the tools with which to combat the negatives but the confidence that we could thrive during a down turn.  Most importantly, you showed us that you cared.  I wanted to take the time to let you know how much you have helped us over the years, with a head butt or a hug, whichever we needed most at the time. Jeff and I have boundless respect and appreciation for you and your staff.  I look forward to our continued participation in your classes and the opportunity to visit. Maybe I'll even take you up on a fishing trip.
Here's wishing you and your family the Happiest of Holidays and a Joyous New Year! WAHOO!
Kim M. Monthie  
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Morgan Air Services

Trey Morgan

BDR has helped our company get to the next level and over Wall 1 by implementing their procedures, resources, and pricing structures.

Shaun has helped increase the revenue on each service call with his excellent knowledge of the service side of the HVAC industry as well as increase the revenue of our AOR projects.

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Morrison Supply Company

Colton Shaw

Took the TM version and now the contractor’s class. I learned something new both times. This is a wealth of knowledge and the trainer is very helpful and insightful.

I will be bringing customers to this class every chance I get. I look forward to being able to implement these strategies with my dealers. Thank you.

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MTB Mechanical

Britt Thomas

After attending SS-1 and implementing our collateral book, one of my sales individuals sold every job he went on for a full week!

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Nash Heating & A/C

Alex Nash

I thought this class was very productive. It opens opportunities that I did not know were there. It shows how much money we are leaving on the table. It shows which areas we need to improve in and what aspects of our company that need to change.

A real eye opener. Great class.

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Nathan Lacobacci

Weather Engineers AC

After attending Managing & Growing Service Profitably we sold $96,000 in accessories within three months of the class.

You're the real deal, True to the core.

BDR Rocks!

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Nelson's HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning

Neil Revollo

I want to thank you for visiting us Carrier and Bryant dealers in Hanover, Maryland during the past two days to teach your Structuring, Strategies, & Tactics for Profit & Growth seminar. I learned a lot of valuable knowledge under your instruction and left with a renewed sense of inspiration regarding my decision to work for my father’s HVAC Company. Moreover, the stories in which you highlighted the various challenges you surmounted while in business or business strategies you implemented within your own company or that of others very much solidified your authority status within the eyes of my father who normally views business consultants with a skeptical eye in terms of their practical value for an HVAC company. Interestingly enough, I for once saw him excited with the advice he received from your seminar and ready to cross the Rubicon in terms of implementing the decisions needed to build our current business into a million dollar sales organization, which I fully believe is well within our grasp. That is exactly what makes you so special. You have actually lived and worked in this industry of ours and done so most successfully as evidenced by the 100 service vehicles you commanded at your height. That is immensely impressive as an HVAC business achievement and merits the attention of any HVAC owner seeking to grow as a business and maybe someday replicate a small share of the success you have attained.

As a matter of fact, I already communicated to our technicians that tomorrow we will be discussing the SPIFF program we will shortly implement and also mentioned how we will seek to incorporate one accessory into our sales strategy each month, which will be actively offered during each service call. Our Territory Manager is on board and will be at our office on Monday to speak more regarding our big five implementation goals.

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Nick Lamb

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning

Thank you very much for all the knowledge, advice, information and passion presented at the Structural Sales course. I’ve slowly been implanting some ideas and processes and have already realized some great results!

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Nick's Heating and A/C

Tyler Olivia

This class has helped me become more aware of the correct procedures used in running this kind of business.

I plan on implementing these strategies into my business as soon as possible. I believe this class has prepared myself for major success in the continuation of building my company.

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Pam Burton

Ben's Heating & Air Conditioning

Today my husband and I are attending BDR University’s Building a Company with Great Value. We really enjoyed the wealth of information. They really keep you on the edge of your seat by keeping it very interesting and exploring many different ways to go about things.

Having been with BDR for many years, at first as new owners needing guidance on running a profitable business so we too could pass it along to our kids.

So after Clyde had attended many Profit Launch seminars, we hired coach Dave. We were meeting his yearly goals and had a five-year plan in place. I questioned whether or not we needed to continue with BDR because surely we knew it all! But deciding to stick with it another year, then another and so on. Today I am so grateful that we did and humbly eat my words.

I highly recommend BDR and can definitely vouch that getting a coach and participating in BDR’s Profit Launch and other BDR University class for our employees has helped us reach goals that we never even dreamed possible.

Thank you BDR for being a very large part of our business success story.

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Phillip Leonard

Willamette HVAC

Dave had a wonderful presentation prepared for us, he is a very talented public speaker and very effective at getting his point across in a way that is easy for a mechanically minded person to grasp. I would highly recommend any class he is presenting after the great experience I received from his Top Gun Installer course.

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Poorman's Heating & Air

Steve Baker

My partner Jody and I finished sale of our company to two key employees; Here helping the new owners to write their first business plan. We've been real pleased with Dave MacDuffee and BDR

Watch what Stever Baker has to say about his experience.


Steve Baker - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Poudre Valley Air

Bob Weisser

7th-year with Profit Coach & Profit Launch. We had another record Year and every year has been better than the last.

Watch what Bob Weisser has to say about his experience.


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Precise Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Mike Lyon

Really got into the Plumbing side and structuring the roles in our business.

Watch what Mike Lyon has to say about his experience.



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Randall Scott

Scott Brothers Heating & Air

Fleetwood, NC is a real small area; our 10-mile radius has 18K people. We started our business in October of 1991.

Before we started the coaching program we were about $10-12K per truck per month (Service), this year I am budgeting to do around $20K per truck per month.

What BDR has done for us is taught us the business side of it. That’s where I have gained the most knowledge, knowing your financials, what to look at and what to look for; all the way down to your GPMD.

It is so fine-tuned; we’ve got such a clear vision of where we are at and where we are going. In a time that everybody is cutting benefits, we are actually raising benefits. I would recommend it to anybody. The only person I would not recommend it to is someone who is simply stuck in their own way and not willing to change, but if you are willing to change then BDR is definitely worth every penny!

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RES Air Conditioning

Rick Thrasher

I have been a BDR client for years.  I recently sent my Sales Manager and Service Manager to SS1 in Atlanta.  They came back and said “Everything you have been preaching to us over the last 3 years now makes perfect sense!”

In the 3 months since that class they are now:

  1. Going on the return trip after the installation to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied and generating referrals (hadn’t been doing that)

  2. Revamped our introductory letter (and email)

What we have figured out is that is we consistently do all the steps we have learned in the sales process (from start to finish), we eliminate the competition every time.

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Rick Sperando

Black Diamond

I’ve always felt that we do a lot right, and we do. However, I have learned more in this class than I’ve learned my whole career, and I’ve been in business for 16 years! My only wish is that I could retain more!

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Rob Riddell

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions

I wanted to give a "wahoo" to Barry Burnett and Scott Tinder for the excellent training they provided to us in Cincinnati, Ohio. The class was definitely time well spent! I attended the "Becoming a World-Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales" class and it has provided our company with an excellent resource. We have implemented many of the processes in our sales presentation and seeing great success. Thank you sharing this wealth of information.

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Robbins HVAC

Michelle Robbins

You'll be excited to hear that in 2016 we have closed two large contracts already in the first two months and have several more in the works so far.  We have already hit 50% of what we did all of last year! People are blown away by our job packet and professional presentation that we learned from CMS.  In our local oil/gas economy, this is going to go a long way to help us reach our business plan for 2016.  Feel free to share that if you wish! WAHOO!!

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Robert Tincher

Robert Madden Industries

One of my clients has been attending BDR training about two years. They have implemented some of the processes. Their sales almost doubled over the previous. They also won the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer Presidents Award for 2016.

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Rodney Rupp

Synergy Home

Very informative class. New to company and I’ve been out of the industry for 20 years. Great info for me to realize the new system challenges and what installers commonly run into. Huge refresher for me to be reminded of daily work / materials needed for installers.

Also, helpful to find tools needed for successful selling on my part.

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Roger Thompson

G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric, Inc.

I found the “Building a Company with Great Value” class exceeded my expectations, was highly informational and beneficial. The curriculum was professionally presented; top notch and the messages were clear and informative. We all work hard at growing our companies to hopefully watch them evolve into one of great value. The work books, group exercises and open classroom discussions with Mike really helped me to clarify some of the concerns I had been wondering about for years, and didn’t have the time to research.

Thanks you again Bruce and Barry for another informative course!

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RSP Heating & Cooling

Jim Weihl

264% Net Profit Increase and thank you coach; 10-year biz; 8-9 years of Profit Launch; WAHOO!

Watch what Jim Weihl has to say about his experience.


Jim Weihl - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Ryan Rowland

Lyon Sheet Metal & Heating

This is the second time I have taken the class. There is a lot of great information. The second time you get more information that you might have not taken in the first time. The things that we have done in the last year have been good for our company. I would recommend all techs take the class. Dave is a great instructor and with his background is very personable with everyone.

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Service Technician

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

This class was excellent. Dave was a great instructor and kept it interesting the entire time. I truly don’t feel anything was missed in this class, it covered literally everything we should know to exceed as a company and technician. I would recommend the class to anyone!!

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Sky Heating & Air Conditioning

Travis Smith

As the owner, this gives me the tools to show my sales people why we do what we do and how it is ultimately in place to increase their income. The instructor has done the research so I don’t have to and provides the collateral for what we are doing so we can be more effective.

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Smithmyer Plumbing & Heating LLC

Cathy Smithmyer

The family has owned the business for 75 years; BDR has been a great help in transitioning from a family run business to integrating non-family employees. Our biggest Wahoo is leveraging our Profit Launch Business Plan which really helped us to recover from a difficult first-half 2014. I don't think we would be where we are if it wasn't for BDR Profit Coach and Profit Launch.

Watch what Cathy Smithmyer has to say about her experience.


Cathy Smithmyer - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Southern Services Heating & Cooling

Terry Cledenin

Strong Year 2014: Revenue grew 24% y-o-y and net profit grew 400% and we implemented good / better/ best in PMA program; Been in Profit Coach and Profit Launch since they started

Watch what Terry Cledenin has to say about his experience.


Terry Clendinin - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Standard Air & Lite

Chris Belculfine

Top Gun for service techs is a must for all service departments. I’ve attended Top Gun 3 times and I’ve seen it help many contractors increase efficiencies, convert customers to clients, increase employee retention, increase service department profitability, and ultimately increase a company’s net profit. I recommend this training for everyone!

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Steph Tumlinson

Nebraska Heating & Air, Inc.

I am so very glad we have joined this program – I truly believe BDR plays a huge role in getting our company turned around and becoming profitable. It’s definitely worth every penny!!! Thank you for everything you do.

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Stout Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Mark Stout

Watch what Mark Stout has to say about his experience.




Mark Stout - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Sun Glow, Inc.

Marshall Phillips

Watch what Marshall Phillips has to say about his experience.




Marshall Phillips - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Temperature Equipment Corp

Rich Lenart

I would like to again extend our appreciation for visiting TEC and presenting the Finance class to TM’s yesterday. Content and discussion was extremely valuable and enlightening for all. Everyone understood the importance of how our dealers view financing, including the steps needed to change their behavior.

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Terry Greene

Terry's Heating & A/C, Inc.

If you’re looking to sell your business, this class will give you an outline of what’s possible. Once again BDR gives us a lesson of how to avoid the obstacles when selling your business.

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Thermal Solutions

Court Schwing

Class was amazing! I had a good background in operations within other industries, and this class really helped me put the pieces together for the HVAC industry! Highly recommend to those looking to grow their company and/or maximize their net profit

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Tim Burton

Ben's Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave’s Top Gun Installer class has brought our company together to work as a team. With this training, we will excel and be the best there is while exceeding customer expectations.

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Toby Jordan

Freedom Heating & Plumbing, Inc.

This course has done an incredible job joining two normally opposing forces (Install & Sales). The tools and discussions provided for our Install crew have created more excitement, togetherness and overall value. Teaming up with Sales has further developed them together and confidence in what each member brings to the team! Wahoo!! BDR classrooms / course are an absolute must for any successful business and are always ongoing to consistently strive for success and greatness.

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Total Air & Heat

Steve Lauten

Total Air & Heat has been very successful for a long time. They have been rebuilding key roles now and implementing changes; Double-digit profit; Approaching 20% Nets

Watch what Steve Lauten has to say about his experience.


Steve Lauten - PL Wahoo! from Business Development Resources on Vimeo.

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Travis Seeger

Chesterfield Service Heating & Cooling

Dave was very organized, informative and enthusiastic. He made class fun and interesting. I would strongly consider attending more classes provided by BDR and will recommend this class to other technicians. (Jake)

Awesome discussion between companies. Dave is very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. (Shaun)

Dave did a great job of communicating with new & old technicians alike. Thank you! (Travis)

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Vailes Heating & Air

Robert Vailes

Retired a lot of debt and profits are up in Year 2014.

Watch what Robert Vailes has to say about his experience.



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Vertex Mechanical

Kimberly Emerich

Love the coaches/team. They made it fun, shared useful experiences, and kept the material light and the class moving along. Lots of great ideas to increase revenue. The scripting was very helpful. Learned some great new ways to positively and effectively communicate to customers and learned great new ways to deal with some negative situations.

You girls rock! Wahoo.

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Weathertech Distributing

Darryl Quillen

I became a TM a little over a year ago. Out of all the training that I have attended the BDR classes have been the best for me. If any of our dealers attend a class our TM attends also. I have learned and gathered so much information this week to take back to my dealers. It will probably take me a few years to get all of this accomplished with my dealers. There are so many small things that we can take to our dealers to raise their revenue which raises our revenue.

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Westshore Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Kevin Berridge

I have been in some form of sales my entire adult life and HVAC for the last 8 years. I love to learn. I have a college degree and have been to countless sales training seminars. None of them even come close to the impact this class has had on me. This class has been unbelievable!

The content is thorough and directly on point. Barry is the most engaging, believable trainer I have ever seen. I compared him to some of my best college professors that made learning fun and useful. His knowledge, energy level, and personal stories to illustrate the strategies and ideas in the class are second to none.

I feel confident that my understanding and retention of this class will help me implement and become the top Home Solutions Advisors not only in my market, but in the country.

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Wilson Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing

Nancy Wilson

This is my fourth time at a BDR sponsored event, and from the first time till now, the impact it has made on the financial side of our business has been nothing short of amazing. In three years, we have gone from negative net profit to almost 10% net profit. We know we have the tools to help us get to that 15% to 25% mark.

The information from this class is going to help us get started on our exit strategy. We have people interested in buying our business, so this class was at the right time!

I would recommend BDR to any HVAC company looking to improve their bottom line, and have a happier work environment.

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Yazan Sweidan

Lakeside Service Company, Inc.

Very motivating. Dave is an excellent presenter. Very informative and gave great ideas. If ell it has helped me in going out to perform for the company, myself and my family. I enjoyed the knowledge of customer empathy and treating the customer with upmost respect.

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Zach Cox

Central Refrigeration

Since attending Structuring, Strategies & Tactics for Profit & Growth last October, my company has changed. I was the average dealer and was averaging $80K per month. Now, I am averaging $125K per month (in typically our slowest months), just by implementing a couple items. After never doing more than $1M in revenue, I am on track to do $1.5M+.