Why Your Business Plan is a Roadmap to Freedom – Prime Resources Podcast

Business Valuation

Do you want to discover how your business plan can be the roadmap to freedom in your business?

In this episode, Kim Archer, BDR vice president of coaching services, will meet us at the starting line, coach us through the hard turns, and show you how to cross that finish line like a champion. Kim’s track record through her 30-year career in the HVAC Industry has established her as a premier mentor. Today she oversees 30 coaches and leads BDR’s business planning workshop, Profit Launch.

Learn how to construct a business plan that not only refines your goals, but grows your vision for future success and leads you to your ultimate destination of freedom!

Prime Resources Podcast – Why Your Business Plan is a Roadmap to Freedom:

  • (02:53) Why is planning so important for a business?
  • (09:52) What goes into creating a business plan?
  • (14:25) Leveraging your opportunities
  • (18:22) Industry standard for business planning
  • (19:42) Constructing a business plan without the financial information
  • (25:40) How often do you need to review and update your business plan?
  • (27:36) How to start your business plan

About the Prime Resources Podcast

BDR’s Prime Resources Podcast is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to help your business achieve Prime results – with Prime being the most flourishing stage or state.

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