Why It’s Important to Have a Growth Mindset – Prime Resources Podcast

Business Valuation

The love for learning and the belief that you can continue to develop your skills over time is a little known key to building a successful company that can stand the test of time. This is the “growth mindset.”

In this episode, John Michel, BDR head coach, discusses why it’s important to have a this mentality in business and how you can get over the fear of change and set yourself free to build the company of your dreams.

Prime Resources Podcast – Why It’s Important to Have a Growth Mindset:

  • (03:58) What is a growth mindset
  • (05:32) The fixed mindset
  • (07:08) Theory of Marginal Gains
  • (07:35) Mindset that drives business results
  • (10:46) Business growth
  • (15:13) How to develop the growth mindset
  • (22:45) Cultural of gratitude
  • (29:41) Owners vs comfort zone
  • (34:38) Growth = Better future

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