The Residential Sales Process

Business Valuation

In this episode, BDR Coach and Trainer Shaun Weiss dives deep into what makes a successful residential sales process. Contrary to most, Shaun believes the sales process doesn’t start and end with the Salesperson, but begins with the initial customer phone call and involves everyone in the company. Shaun explains how to personalize your sales process and highlights the importance of practicing the key points of the sales process to achieve consistency and top results.

(04:13) Leveraging revenue producers, (11:55) When does the sales process begin?, (14:36) Everyone in the company is involved in the sales process, (17:15) Utilizing technology, (24:19) Major steps in a sales process, (30:04) Personalizing the sales process, (35:52) The sales process as a “set list”, (40:11) Practicing the points of the sales process