Finding the Perfect Blend Between Marketing Strategy and Tactics – Prime Resources Podcast

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Your marketing strategy must function on a high level to guide you in accomplishing your overall goals. Your tactics are the way to implement your strategy. Both are needed for true marketing success, but what is the balance? 

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, Tammy Vasquez, BDR senior head coach, explains how to find the perfect blend of marketing strategy and tactics. Tammy covers how to create a marketing strategy to succeed in today’s environment and shares different tactical options you can apply to make your strategy a reality.

Not sure whether a billboard, online ad, or social media is the right tool? Want to build a marketing plan that gets results? Tammy shares her insight and experience from her history as a dealer, territory manager, and business coach.

Finding the Perfect Blend Between Marketing Strategy and Tactics

  • (02:17) Defining the difference between marketing strategy & tactics
  • (03:38) Understanding the Importance of constructing a marketing strategy
  • (04:43) Illustrations of a marketing strategy
  • (10:02) Breaking down the challenges
  • (11:56) Tactical framework to build consistency
  • (14:12) Efficacy of marketing tactics
  • (17:30) The architecture of building engaging content
  • (20:57) Advantages of implementing an outbound call strategy
  • (28:50) Targeted vs. broad: Striking the right balance
  • (32:32) The role of social media
  • (36:32) Creating the right mix of marketing messaging
  • (39:05) Engineering engagement that drives referrals
  • (41:57) Client retention
  • (47:35) Strategy and tactics: the perfect blend

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