What Are You Doing to Build the Talent Pipeline?

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Across the home service industry, businesses are struggling to recruit technicians. HVAC companies are feeling the pinch along with plumbers, electricians, and more.

The skilled labor shortage means that technicians are job-shopping, searching for better salaries and benefits, leading to costly turnover that busy HVAC businesses can’t afford. In fact, turnover cost in the home services industry is 50% of an employee’s annual salary, more that $26,000 per technician.

But even labor is a struggle today, it’s important to think about tomorrow, too. What are you doing to build the industry’s talent pipeline? We all have a responsibility to grow the professionalism of our industry, leaving it better than we found it and making it a more attractive career path.

Read on to learn more about some ways you can help.

Read the full article on page 8 from BDR CEO and Founder Bruce Wiseman in HVAC Insider – Florida Edition.