Using Training to Enhance Dealer Growth and Loyalty

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In this episode of Prime Partners, BDR Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer Candy Cunningham discusses the importance of training and how it can enhance dealer growth and loyalty for distributors.

Candy shares the impact of dealer growth, the right amount of training you should have, and how training can drive distribution sales and market share goals. Discover how to build a training journey for your customers that will drive you ahead of your competition.

Using Training to Enhance Dealer Growth and Loyalty Time Stamps:

  • (02:15) – Primary ways to grow a distribution business
  • (05:32) – Profile of average dealer
  • (08:20) – How training helps both dealers & distributors
  • (14:03) – Other ways to support dealer growth
  • (18:06) – Impact and role of training in dealer loyalty
  • (27:26) – What is the right amount of training?
  • (31:08) – Assessing dealer needs for training
  • (36:12) – How BDR supports and educates your team
  • (38:41) – Where should distributors start with building out training?
  • (46:28) – Final thoughts

About Candy Cunningham

Candy Cunningham is BDR’s Distributor Relationship Specialist and Trainer. She is BDR’s primary contact for its distribution training sales channel and provides ongoing resources to BDR’s distribution partners to help them host successful classes that drive their business forward.

Candy has a deep background in distribution sales and territory management and was recognized in the Top 10 of National Distribution Sales on three separate occasions.

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