Repairing the Leadership Gap Part 2: “Re-Learning” to Communicate


In Part I of this series, we saw that 77% of organizations report a leadership gap. One way to repair this gap is for owners and managers to improve their communication skills. A key topic in BDR’s Lead the Way class is learning, or re-learning, how to communicate.

Learning to Communicate

Leading by example requires learning—and, often, re-learning—how to communicate. Building the bonds of trust with employees and customers is crucial; the right communication style allows ideas and processes to flow more smoothly and leads to greater productivity. According to BDR Head Coach & Trainer Jeff Plant, “there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to leading people with vastly different jobs and needs. It all goes back to communication and segmentation,” Plant says. “There are different environments to adapt to. You can’t talk to your install manager the same way you would talk to your office manager. Part of leadership is understanding that.”

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