Increased Profitability and Stability With a Plan

“My business is different now that I am with BDR because we have a plan going forward every year. We hold each team member accountable for it and make sure that we are hitting those goals.”

Angela Rubino Hines, Owner
Bovio Rubino Service

What were your business challenges before BDR Profit Coaching?

My name is Angela Rubino Hines, and I am one of the owners of Bovio Rubino Service. We are located in New Jersey. My company provides heating, cooling, and plumbing services. 

I joined BDR Profit Coaching because as the owner of a business, a lot of times you are on your own island and do not really have anyone to bounce ideas off of. It is also hard to find an advisor who understands your challenges as a business owner. BDR provides that support. 

They also provide a lot of support on forms, processes, and procedures. I also really liked the way they handled their finances. The way that they laid it out made it easy to look at certain metrics. 

Because they specialize in HVAC, they know a lot of the key performance indicators for this type of business. That was really something that I was interested in when joining the BDR team. 

How has BDR helped your business grow?

My business has definitely grown since I started with BDR. We have become more profitable by changing certain things, looking at metrics that are important, and focusing on how to get those metrics better. 

BDR has also been a really great support anytime I have had an issue in the business that I just needed a second opinion on. They are always available to listen and provide that coaching, which has helped me grow my business and manage my team better.

What unexpected benefits did you discover when working with BDR Profit Coaching?

My favorite thing about BDR Profit Coaching is the relationship I have developed with my coach. It is really good to have someone in your corner, a coach that listens when you have an issue and provides good guidance from their experience. 

It is not only their experience that they are giving you answers on. They coach so many other clients, so they can take all those industry experiences and are able to coach you based on what they have learned from other business owners. 

Is working with BDR Profit Coaching worth the investment?

Working with BDR is an investment that I am glad I made. I look forward to our coaching calls to go over what we are doing in the business. This definitely helps keep me accountable for what we are working on, and keeps me organized. 

I have definitely seen a benefit when it comes to profitability and stability in the business. BDR Profit Coaching really helps you to focus on that.

Would you recommend BDR Profit Coaching?

I would definitely recommend BDR to other business owners. In fact, I have recommended BDR to other business owners and I think it is a really good way for them to grow their business, and be accountable. 

They make you look at things that maybe you would not have looked at before, or to consider things in a different way.

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