How to Think Like a CFO

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR Financial Coach Brittany Baimbridge shares what it means to think like a CFO.

You don’t have to be in the Fortune 500 to apply the same thought processes as a Chief Financial Officer to your company. Learn how you can fine-tune your financial and management reports and utilize them as strategic, decision-making tools.

How to Thing Like a CFO Time Stamps:

  • (01:57) – Brittany’s industry background
  • (03:37) – What does it mean to think like a CFO?
  • (06:00) – Who in a company needs to think like a CFO?
  • (07:38) – Sharing the “why” of financial data collection and reporting
  • (09:15) – Examples of financial reporting
  • (10:28) – What is needed to generate financial reporting
  • (15:12) – Having the end in mind with reporting
  • (18:20) – Elements of a financial closing process
  • (25:02) – The power of checklists
  • (27:09) – How to utilize financial reporting
  • (28:56) – What is management reporting?
  • (34:00) – Capturing opportunity with management reporting
  • (35:00) – Examples of management reporting
  • (39:00) – The partnership of financial and management reporting
  • (42:11) – Focusing your management reporting on what’s most important

About Brittany Baimbridge

Before joining BDR, Brittany Baimbridge was a BDR client for five years, working with service-based companies in a financial role. As a former client, she experienced the impact made by establishing strong processes and tracking results while working with her coaches. As a BDR Financial Coach, Brittany is extremely organized and detail-oriented, with a focus on financial reporting, strategic business planning, and process management. She loves helping clients develop their businesses and empowering them with the tools to achieve success.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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