Are You Maximizing Your Website’s Potential?

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, Angela Kiel, Senior Marketing Coach from BxB Media, explains why it’s crucial for contractors to have a great website and shares ways to leverage your website to attract more clients.

Angela discusses what makes a good website, the functions you should have, the common mistakes to avoid, and more. Discover how to maximize your website’s potential and stand out from your competitors!

Are You Maximizing Your Website’s Potential Time Stamps:

  • (05:06) – The benefits of a great website for contractors
  • (07:14) – Good website vs. bad website design
  • (11:55) – Angela’s role as a marketing coach
  • (15:50) – Website functions that Contractors must have
  • (18:36) – Chat function on websites
  • (25:40) – Common mistakes with Contractor websites
  • (34:24) – Showing up in Google rankings
  • (38:23) – Google My Business listings
  • (42:32) – How to get started with Google My Business
  • (47:56) – Future of websites
  • (53:25) – How to contact Angela

About Angela Kiel

Angela Kiel is the Lead Senior Marketing Coach with BxB Media. She holds the distinction of being BxB’s second employee and very first coach. Angela has 20-plus years in the customer service and hospitality industry and over seven in HVAC marketing. She started with BxB in Detroit, and since 2020 is working remotely from Pennsylvania when she moved with her seven-year-old daughter.

What Angela loves most about working in the HVAC industry is its heroes—from owners to technicians to office staff to even her clients’ families. Everyone works together, day in and day out, to keep the surrounding world comfortable and happy. Angela feels blessed to be part of this complex team.

Company Information

BxB Media

Contact Information
Cell: (313) 401-3014
Office: (313) 651-7157
Time Zone: EST

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