How to Build a Training Journey For Your Employees

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, Angie Swartz, BDR University Training Advisor, shares the importance of training in a business and explains how to build a training journey for your employees that benefits both the company and your team.

Angie shares how training drives employee engagement, builds up team member skill sets and drives improved results for the company. Discover how to build a compelling training journey for your employees while increasing employee morale and retention!

Developing Your Company’s Social Media Presence Time Stamps

  • (00:57) – About Angie and BDR
  • (03:05) – The importance of training to a business and its employees
  • (07:24) – Engagement of employees
  • (09:46) – Customer service experiences
  • (11:44) – Building skill sets and team morale
  • (13:15) – Role of Training Advisor
  • (18:35) – Identifying a company’s training needs
  • (23:20) – What does it mean to build a training journey?
  • (28:33) – Recommended starting points
  • (37:20) – The owner’s role
  • (44:00) – Lifecycle of a skill
  • (47:56) – Building career paths
  • (49:48) – Training classes that BDR has to offer
  • (51:25) – Final thoughts

About Angie Swartz

Since joining BDR in 2004, Angie Swartz has handled continued client relationship development and communications. She is currently the BDR University Training Advisor and is responsible for clear and timely communications to staff on BDR University schedules, attendees, tasks, and so much more.

Angie manages the BDR University registration process from inception to event attendance. In addition, she monitors the trends and client feedback to strategically plan upcoming BDR University training events to help our clients build their team member training journeys.

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