Developing Your Company’s Social Media Presence

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR’s Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Tyler Gunhus, tackles the subject of developing or enhancing your company’s social media presence.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out using social media, listen to learn how you can make the most of this important but ever-evolving marketing tool.

Developing Your Company’s Social Media Presence Time Stamps

  • (03:03) – The role of social media in marketing
  • (06:57) – Social media platforms for business
  • (10:16) – Determining the best social channel for your business
  • (15:18) – Using social media to attract employees
  • (17:08) – Building an effective social media presence
  • (19:41) – Proactive vs. reactive approach to social media
  • (22:40) – How often to post
  • (25:42) – Types of content to post
  • (28:46) – Posting to multiple channels
  • (32:38) – Building engagement
  • (37:35) – Promoting posts
  • (41:20) – Growing your followers
  • (43:33) – Setting and tracking goals

About Tyler Gunhus

Tyler Gunhus is BDR’s Senior Marketing Communications Specialist. He has over eight years of communications experience spanning print, broadcast, and product marketing. After graduating from Biola University with a Communication and Media Arts degree, Tyler joined a large media company, coordinating content creation, social media, and promotions. He joined the BDR team in 2020, helping lead the marketing strategy and execution, focusing on brand development.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

BDR’s Prime Resources Podcast is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to help your business achieve Prime results – with Prime being the most flourishing stage or state.

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