How Contractors Can Utilize AI and Machine Learning

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In this episode of BDR’s Prime Partners Podcast, we delve into the world of AI and machine learning (ML) with Chief Product Officer Bashir Abdallah of XOI Technologies. Bashir discusses the evolving landscape of technology and the impact AI and ML have on the contracting industry.

How can contractors use AI to be more efficient in their day-to-day processes? What emerging trends do contractors need to be aware of?

Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or not, listen to gain valuable insights on how you can begin to leverage AI and machine learning to take your company forward.

Bashir also introduces us to XOi and how their products and services are tailored to assist contractors in harnessing the power of AI and machine learning. Contractors can incorporate their cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and productivity within the contracting business.

How Contractors Can Utilize AI and Machine Learning Time Stamps

  • (00:50) – About Bashir, his background, and XOi Technologies
  • (02:01) – What are some new AI-related technologies currently on the market?
  • (05:54) – How will AI and machine learning impact the contracting field positively and negatively?
  • (11:20) – How do contractors who are not tech-savvy utilize AI in their business?
  • (18:09) – Is XOi utilizing Machine Learning in their products, and if so, how?
  • (22:42) – Can we build out a more detailed work summary invoice to make the process easier?
  • (27:54) – How can contractors (BDR coaching clients and non-BDR clients) contact you to learn more about what XOi offers?
  • (29:22) – Final thoughts

About Bashir Abdallah

Bashir Abdallah is the Chief Product Officer at XOi, leading the development and execution of their product vision and strategy. He has spent more than 15 years building technology solutions for contractors, OEMs, and numerous global brands. Bashir most recently served as CPO for ServiceChannel before joining XOi. Bashir’s passion remains to create user-centric solutions for complex challenges

Contact Information

XOi Technologies
(518) 420-8813
Time Zone: EST

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