Fine-tuning Your Month-end Process for Financials

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR Lead Financial Coach Adriane Woodrum explains how to build a consistent month-end process for financials that ensures accurate and timely financial reporting.

Adriane shares how the month-end process begins far in advance of information reaching accounting and involves the entire team. Listen to find out how to develop the communication and process steps needed to succeed at month’s end.

Fine-tuning Your Month-end Process for Financials Time Stamps:

  • (01:55) – What is the month-end process for financials?
  • (03:36) – Preparation needed for month-end
  • (06:24) – Using technology to facilitate reporting
  • (07:58) – Flow of information to accounting
  • (09:29) – Steps in the month-end process
  • (12:30) – Biggest challenge with month-end processing
  • (15:47) – Best practices and red flags
  • (19:35) – Getting started building your process
  • (22:25) – Final thoughts

About Adriane Woodrum

Adriane Woodrum has over 20 years of experience in Business Management with over nine years in the HVAC industry. When she started in the industry, she was the sole office staff managing Bookkeeping, Dispatching, and Sales & Install coordination. As a previous BDR client, Adriane experienced first-hand the positive results of creating processes across the company and seeing the difference that accurate financial reporting makes. Her goal is to help other clients achieve the knowledge and success they have been working for through coaching. 

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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