Defining Your Target Market in Commercial Maintenance

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR senior service coach and trainer Jennifer Shooshanian discusses the importance of identifying your target market and focusing your marketing on key segments that need your service.

Jennifer helps outline the process of moving potential suspects to active prospects – through research, filtering, and networking. Gain an advantage over your competition in the market by learning and implementing this process in your commercial maintenance program!

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Defining Your Target Market in Commercial Maintenance Time Stamps:

  • (01:37) – What is a target market?
  • (02:20) – How to define a target market for commercial maintenance
  • (04:56) – Identifying your company’s core competencies for commercial work
  • (12:48) – Fine-tuning your target market and suspect list through research
  • (17:02) – Who does the research in your company?
  • (19:34) – When to move a sales suspect to a sales prospect
  • (24:25) – Qualifying active prospects
  • (31:50) – Final thoughts

About Jennifer Shooshanian

With over three decades in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer Shooshanian is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in America. Since joining BDR, she has been instrumental in the co-development of the Service Training and Coaching programs. Jennifer has a proven track record of helping contractors transform their service department into a highly prized, cash-flow-rich profit center.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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