Communicating Your Financing Offering

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Financing is the most important sales tool you have today. While you may have financing options, how do you communicate them? Do all your customers know what’s available? Do all your employees? Many customers today shop for financing first before making a buying decision. If consumers don’t know you offer to finance they may move on before you even get to talk with them.

In this episode, Scott Tinder, BDR trainer, shares the importance of developing a proactive approach when communicating your financing offering. Scott explains how to educate your team on financing and the different ways to proactively share your financing options with customers.

Communicating Your Financing Offering Time Stamps:

  • (01:32) – Why financing is a pivotal sales tool for today’s marketplace
  • (08:53) – Developing a proactive conversation for financing options
  • (13:29) – The advantages of financing options for the unplanned expenditures
  • (17:08) – Financing helps consumers build the system they want
  • (23:00) – Establishing a natural pitch for everyday interactions
  • (26:26) – Offering financing in service
  • (32:08) – How to begin implementing financing options into your business

About Scott Tinder

Scott Tinder has been involved in the HVAC industry for 34+ years. He has worked with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to drive profitable growth in their businesses.

Since joining the BDR family, Scott became the Instructional Designer, working with the training team to create and update all of BDR’s training classes. As a trainer, he leads several classes for the ICP channel. He brings a genuine passion for helping the companies and individuals he works with to implement and achieve a higher level of success.

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