Coaches Corner: Leveraging Business Results to Prime

Coaches Corner January 2020

Prime – the most flourishing, stage or state.

Leveraged to Prime is about achieving excellence beyond accepted norms. If you attended Profit Launch in the last 6 months, you most likely heard this message and how it can impact the way you look at yourself and your business. The reason Leveraged to Prime is so important is because it ties together BDR’s foundational beliefs and processes in a way that will elevate your game. Our entire company is dedicated to your success.

We look beyond the next 5 to 10 years on what it will take to ensure you are…

  • Profitable
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable

Since Leveraged to Prime is a stage or state, we will be introducing an enhanced metric system which will identify levels of achievement for key areas of your business such as sales, installation, and service. You will learn to have a Leveraged to Prime mindset, where each day you stay focused on the strategies or steps that will achieve your goals. BDR University classes will continually be updated to support this process.

Now is the time invest in yourself, maximizing your time every day to work on the things that make you profitable. One of those items is holding your operations team accountable, along with the accounting department so accurate and timely financials can be completed every month. Your operational inefficiencies could be preventing you from receiving clean data.

Here’s my challenge to you…know your numbers. I mean, really know your numbers and understand the dynamics of profitability. I realize this is a broad statement, but here are a few items to work on with your BDR Coach:

  1. Know your cost of goods and, as a percentage, how they relate to revenue.
  2. Daily billing/invoicing.
  3. What is gross profit per man day and how can it be calculated for your business?
  4. What is my current ratio and why is it important?
  5. What is the difference between break-even and break-even for cashflow?

Reviewing your financials helps you zero in very quickly on “what” to fix and measure the results. I also challenge you to ask your coach questions on other key performance indicators within the BDR financial reports.

Maintain a Leveraged to Prime mindset and you will be able to achieve excellence.

Tammy Vasquez

Senior Head Coach