Coaches Corner: Are you ready for your mid-year business plan review?

Coaches Corner June 2019, Coaches Corner: Are you ready for your mid-year business plan review?

Whew! Where did the time go! Depending on when you attended Profit Launch, it may have been 3 to 8 months since you came to class. When is the last time you opened your business plan? By now, many of you have received or will be receiving your self-addressed reminder cards on a key action item you wanted to complete. I hope you have achieved your goal!  If not, it is not too late to do so.

You may wonder: how can I get this goal or even another one accomplished? Well, I am glad you asked! Now is the best time to do a mid-year business plan review. You may feel there is never enough time, the right people, or the right circumstances to accomplish your goals. A mid-year review will allow you and your team time to reflect and recharge your batteries.

Your motivation, or the “why” behind you attending business planning, may differ from others. Typically, Owners want help defining their goals and a road map to guide them and their team to achieving those goals. Let’s take a closer look at some ways and reasons to implement a successful mid-year business plan review:

  • Communicate a formal announcement that a mid-year review will be taking place
    • Date, time, and location
    • Establishes the importance
    • Allows team members to prepare for this meeting
  • Select a location
    • If your team is not able to meet offsite, then use the office after hours
  • Prepare an agenda. At a minimum, include the following:
    • Kick-off meeting with a team member reading the mission statement and another reading the value statement
    • Ask for Wahoos related to the business plan to celebrate
    • Budget review
    • Key goals by department
    • If you have department managers, have them to review their results, accomplishments, and current projects.
    • Celebrate and track completions
    • If a goal is not achieved, support one another. If necessary, create a revised implementation plan.
    • Goals can be accomplished in many ways, you may need to adjust the path to get there.
    • Have one team member keep time so one person does not dominate the meeting. You could lighten the atmosphere with a fun buzzer or bell.
  • Make the meeting fun and interactive!   
    • Play some kick off music
    • Decorate the table(s) with a specific theme
    • Allow one team member to update an easel or whiteboard, while another presents the information
    • Most importantly, as the Owner, do not make this a boring state of the union address
    • Ring a bell each time an accomplishment is recognized

If the above methods are not something you feel comfortable with, that is ok! Find something that fits your culture. Reinforce the importance of your plan by showing your team. Schedule your mid-year review today. Don’t lose sight of your key goals and why they are important to you. Wishing you continued success!

Tammy Vasquez

Senior Head Coach