How To Successfully Approach Delegation

March 5, 2021

As owners and managers, many of us know the importance of delegation so we can focus on the business rather than working in the business. So, why do we struggle with letting go?

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Business Valuation

What Owners Need To Know About Bookkeepers – Prime Resources Podcast

February 25, 2021

In many contractor businesses, there can be a big disconnect between bookkeepers and the rest of the company – especially when it comes to information flow.

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manager celebrate

Managers don’t celebrate their employees enough

February 8, 2021

For any company, retaining hard-working, talented employees is crucial to business success. Hiring new employees is expensive, time consuming, and may result in a down-grade in talent. And large chunk of the workforce is making that process become a lot more relevant. A Gallup report shows that 21% of the millennial generation – born between…

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Business Valuation

Overcoming Maintenance Pricing Fears – Prime Resources Podcast

January 23, 2021

One common industry challenge is how to price maintenance agreements. Many dealers don’t price maintenance to make a profit because they fear losing customers. Overcoming maintenance pricing fears is essential to the long-term success of your business.

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Business valuation service

PRESS RELEASE: BDR valuation service helps HVAC contractors maximize sale price

January 14, 2021

Top industry financial expert’s Business Valuation Analysis provides business owners with unique tools to make informed decisions when selling their company

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Building Trust with your team

Building trust with your team as a leader

January 8, 2021

Arthur Gensler, founder of the architectural firm “Gensler” argues that “Trust is the most powerful currency in business”. Establishing trust externally with customers and partners is key to growing and building a positive image, but building trust internally within your company and team is equally important in laying the foundation for business success. In a…

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Business Valuation

Positive Customer Service Habits – Prime Resources Podcast

January 7, 2021

Positive customer service can help you build lifetime customers, close more jobs, and generate more referrals. A failure in customer service can destroy relationships you’ve worked hard to build. In short, customer service plays a major role in your company’s success.

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BDR 2.0 offers in-depth look at upcoming 2021 training programs

December 21, 2020

Business Development Resources will be hosting a complimentary online training for HVAC distributors on January 5th. The three-hour session will provide a first-hand look at BDR’s updated classes, as well as a training session focused on supporting dealers through The Art of Consumer Financing.

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Business Valuation

Developing Leadership Skills

December 7, 2020

Leadership can either make or break a company. In this episode Jeff Plant, BDR Head Coach and Leadership Trainer, explains that great leaders are not necessarily born, but are developed. By developing your leadership level and having a servant mentality, anyone can become a more successful leader.

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stage 1 coaching.

Why HVAC Contractors Should Train Techs in Soft Skills to Remain Successful

November 10, 2020

BDR head coach and technician trainer, Dave Consulo, discusses how important it is for HVAC business owners and managers to build out their team with well-rounded technicians in both technical and social skills.

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