Power Up

PRESS RELEASE: BDR’s Power Up Series delivers high-intensity virtual training for HVAC dealers

May 5, 2021

Power Up delivers three-hour training sessions targeting a single area of business, including core fundamentals, sales, service, and growth.

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Business Valuation

Communicating Your Financing Offering – Prime Resources Podcast

April 29, 2021

Financing is the most important sales tool you have today. While you may have financing options, how do you communicate them?

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Marketing 101

Marketing 101 for Plumbing Contractors

April 20, 2021

Businesses need customers, and in order to attract those customers, businesses need to market themselves, their services and their brand.

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Grow No Grow

The Steps in Applying the Grow – No Grow Strategy

April 20, 2021

Kim Archer, BDR vice president of coaching, joined Tommy Mello on the Home Service Expert podcast to discuss the “Grow, No Grow” strategy, and how it plays into the cycle of growing a business.

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Become an Outside Sales Leader

April 15, 2021

Whether you call yourself a territory manager or an outside salesperson, you’re an important link between manufacturers and the contractors that need their products. But how do you go from being good to great?

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Business Valuation

Why It’s Important to Have a Growth Mindset – Prime Resources Podcast

April 7, 2021

The love for learning and the belief that you can continue to develop your skills over time is a little known key to building a successful company that can stand the test of time. This is the “growth mindset.”

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Reliable Team

How to Create a Cohesive, Reliable Team of Techs

April 6, 2021

Teams matter. Home service contractors depend on their teams to accomplish more and keep calls coming. It’s vital that your organization builds a reliable team of technicians that is effective, dependable, and works well together.

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Maintenance Pricing

Maintenance Pricing: Fear or Fact?

March 29, 2021

Switching from fear to facts when it comes to your maintenance pricing requires an ongoing process of development for both you and your team.

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Commercial Maintenance

PRESS RELEASE: BDR equips HVAC contractors to stabilize and grow revenue with commercial maintenance

March 25, 2021

Led by industry professionals, BDR’s Commercial Maintenance Sales helps HVAC professionals identify and analyze the impact of agreements on short- and long-term revenue growth, along with best practices for contractors to manage the sales process.

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The Next Wave of Leadership in the Skilled Trades

March 19, 2021

The process of developing the next generation of leadership in the skilled trades is different than it used to be. That is because we’re different.

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