How and Why to Document Procedures – Prime Resources Podcast

How and Why to Document Procedures

In this episode of Prime Resources, BDR financial coach Laura Irons Finley discusses the importance of creating and documenting procedures. Laura shares the positive impact that procedures, workflows, and policies can have on your company. Clarifying communication, building consistency, and improving service delivery are just a few of the benefits. Discover how to start building out your procedures and documenting them so you can maximize peak efficiency with your team.

How and Why to Document Procedures Time Stamps:

  • (01:19) – What is a procedure?
  • (01:56) – How workflows relate to procedures
  • (04:06) – The importance of documenting procedures
  • (08:35) – Starting point for building out procedures
  • (11:08) – Elements that go into a procedure
  • (15:19) – Who is involved in putting all the procedures together?
  • (26:22) – Keeping procedures updated and organized
  • (32:00) – How managers can use procedures to delegate tasks
  • (35:51) – How procedure, workflow, and policy all fit together
  • (38:38) – Final thoughts

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