How to Make the Most of Your Business Plan

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR Lead Head Coach and Trainer Jeff Plant provides strategies to maximize the results from your business plan through periodic reviews and updates.

Jeff explains how a business plan removes the need to “guess” in business and also shares the benefits of committing to an annual business planning process.

Don’t let your business plan gather dust on the shelf. Commit to reviewing, updating, and celebrating your plan – listen and find out how!

How to Make the Most of Your Business Plan Time Stamps:

  • (01:04) – The lifespan of a business plan
  • (02:10) – Why you need to update your plan
  • (06:20) – The positives of the planning process
  • (08:30) – How the planning process evolves over time
  • (10:53) – Quarterly reviews of the plan
  • (15:09) – How to conduct plan reviews
  • (17:32) – The role of timely and accurate financials
  • (19:40) – How the plan removes “guessing” in business
  • (24:01) – Jeff’s final thoughts on planning

About Jeff Plant

Jeff Plant has 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, starting at the ground floor level and rising to Chief Operating Officer. He has always started at the bottom rung and worked his way up, quickly mastering a wide array of roles in installation, service, and building automation spanning the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Throughout his career, he has effectively been a business coach for his management staff to become more successful through team building, efficient process changes, procedure implementation, financial tracking, and implementing accountability through key performance metrics necessary for a successful business. He has continued to strengthen his business education as well as his technical knowledge and skills in the HVACR industry. He continues to “give back” to the industry by teaching others best practices and by participating in industry trade associations to raise the level of professionalism in our industry.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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