Building Your Business: Effective Planning, Training, and Goal Setting with Ronda Chaney


This week on HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed, we had the pleasure of hosting Ronda Chaney, a seasoned expert in HVAC coaching and business development from BDR. With over a decade of industry experience, Ronda shared invaluable insights on boosting HVAC business profits, improving team efficiency, and the pivotal role of coaching.

3 Key Takeaways:

Hands-On Training Impact: Ronda emphasizes the significance of practical, hands-on training in the HVAC industry to ensure technicians and installers understand and excel at their tasks, surpassing theoretical knowledge.

Client Relationships and Referral Rewards: Implementing appreciation like gift cards and heartfelt thank-you notes for client referrals can significantly enhance long-term business relationships and loyalty.

Profitability and Business Planning: Ronda highlighted advanced strategies for maintaining profitability, such as regular pricing and financial reviews, which can drive substantial improvement in net income.

Whether you are an industry veteran or just getting started in HVAC, this episode is jam-packed with actionable lessons that will help lead your company toward rapid growth and sustainability. Listen to this educating episode as we explore the intersection of coaching and business expertise in the home service industry.

About the Hosts

Evan Hoffman

Evan got his start in the HVAC industry in 2014, handling sales. After realizing that the company he worked for had a marketing problem rather than a sales problem, he switched to marketing and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he’s helping HVAC companies across North America reach new heights with their businesses.

Thaddeus Tondu

Thaddeus is the co-founder of On Purpose Media. With nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, he’s shifted from print media and has been working to help his clients maximize their annual revenue, capture more deals, and improve their business’ online presence using targeted marketing strategies.