Strategic Planning for Business Triumph

“My biggest win with BDR Profit Coaching has been achieving my goals. As a small business owner, you don’t have a boss. Who do you call? Who do you rely on? Who do you bounce things off of? The value of having my financial coach available to answer those questions is immeasurable.”

Craig Clark, Owner
Ocean State Air Solutions

“What were your business challenges before BDR Profit Coaching?”

My name is Craig Clark, and I am the owner of Ocean State Air Solutions in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. We are a full-service heating and air conditioning business.

It was a long, slow struggle. I started with $10,000 in the bank out of my bedroom, and I was bootstrapping for quite a while.

We got to about $1,000,000 in sales, and I was at that two years in a row. I could not get over that next hump. I was at a point where I could only do so much by myself.

How has BDR helped your business grow?

After my first ‘Profit Launch,’ which is a BDR business planning process, I came back to Rhode Island and set a goal of doing $5,000,000 in five years.

The business planning process and BDR support enabled me to make these big jumps along the way and have the confidence I needed to make those decisions.

You make the plan, you trust the plan, you work the plan, and things work out. The cool news is that we achieved that goal in four years, not five. It was very gratifying.

“Were there any unexpected benefits of the coaching?”

The support they offer has been huge. Having a person with unbelievable experience to help is fantastic. It is great to know that if you encounter a stumbling block, you can give them a call and work through the growing pains everyone deals with in business.

Having someone who has already been through that is really important. The ultimate goal is to have a business that doesn’t rely 100% on you.

I am at a point now where we are close to the $7,000,000 goal. Now I have the people in place when I go on a vacation for two weeks. My first one in 25 or 30 years is coming up this October. I am going to Italy!

“Was working with BDR Profit Coaching worth the investment?”

It was a big financial decision. It is an investment, but I don’t regret it at all. It was one of the best investments I have made. If you do not have the confidence or the ability to track your success, then where are you?

“Would you recommend BDR Profit Coaching?”

I would recommend BDR to anybody unless they are my competitor! It has given me the confidence to make tough and important decisions.

It is not just the coaching; it is all the other support. You get human resource support, information on industry trends, and all kinds of great information.

I have been to the SPARK Conference twice now to network with people. You always learn something new, and it is a really nice experience to be part of that.

You have to be open to changes; you have to want to improve and constantly strive for that. BDR refers to this as ‘operating through prime’ and constantly trying to improve and work on your business.

You have to want to be able to walk away one day and allow everyone working for you to do things independently.

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