BDR’s Trailblazer Sales Academy Empowers Territory Managers With Key Leadership and Sales Skills 


The premier business training and coaching provider for the HVAC industry announces the return of the ongoing development program for distribution, designed to enhance territory sales and strategic growth 

SEATTLE — Nov. 7, 2023 — Business Development Resources (BDR), the training and business coaching authority for home services industry professionals, announces its 2024 program for Trailblazer Sales Academy, an ongoing online training program for territory managers and distribution sales team members that focuses on developing sales skills, leadership agility and a strategic vision for territory growth.  

Trailblazer Sales Academy features four live virtual workshops from January through May to help participants start the 2024 year strong in essential areas for HVAC territory managers and outside sales representatives. These four-hour training sessions provide participants with the opportunity to learn the best practices of top-performing territory managers, with topics including: 

  • Jan. 4: Drive sales and help dealers win in the first quarter 
  • Feb. 13: Build your strategic sales call process 
  • April 2: Find the right dealer through targeted prospecting 
  • May 23: Help dealers install more jobs through labor leverage 

“Trailblazer Sales Academy is an opportunity for territory managers to forge a sales path and reap the rewards of their dream territory,” said Sr. Vice President of Training and Marketing Matt MacArthur. “The program empowers members to enhance their business acumen and build a plan while developing their skills in key areas. At the end of the training, participants can implement new processes to drive immediate growth and long-term strategies for taking ownership of their sales areas.” 

The academy also includes targeted podcasts and self-paced courses to help participants continue to develop their skills and make the most of the program.  

Membership in Trailblazer Sales Academy is limited to just 50 participants in 2024. Discover more and register at